Jerry has been working on a new chicken coop for us.


Remember the old coop?

It worked. But it definitely wasn’t pretty to look at. Plus, it sat smack in the middle of the side yard, and was a real eyesore. I am SO glad to have it torn down!

I love where the new coop is, on the back side of the garden. It’s out of the way, at the edge of the woods, and has a nice sized covered run off the side of it.

This new one is built just like everything else around here. From scraps. Although, we did have to give in and buy a dozen 2x4s and a box of screws. Have you priced a box of screws lately? Twenty bucks!! I could not believe a box of screws costs $20 now. But, that’s how it goes, I guess. Can’t always build everything for free!

I really don’t like that triangle piece at the peak of the roof there on the front. Definitely coming down.

Window boxes? Why yes, yes I will.

But I’m having trouble deciding what colors to paint it. I need your help!!

The roof is sheet metal. I think I’ll paint it brown. But what color should the sides and trim be?

Sage with brown trim?

Cream with sage trim?

Pale blue?

White with red trim?

Ugh. I have no idea.

If this was your chicken coop… what would you do to it?