Help Me Paint The New Chicken Coop!

chicken coop
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Jerry has been working on a new chicken coop for us.


Remember the old coop?

It worked. But it definitely wasn’t pretty to look at. Plus, it sat smack in the middle of the side yard, and was a real eyesore. I am SO glad to have it torn down!

I love where the new coop is, on the back side of the garden. It’s out of the way, at the edge of the woods, and has a nice sized covered run off the side of it.

This new one is built just like everything else around here. From scraps. Although, we did have to give in and buy a dozen 2x4s and a box of screws. Have you priced a box of screws lately? Twenty bucks!! I could not believe a box of screws costs $20 now. But, that’s how it goes, I guess. Can’t always build everything for free!

I really don’t like that triangle piece at the peak of the roof there on the front. Definitely coming down.

Window boxes? Why yes, yes I will.

But I’m having trouble deciding what colors to paint it. I need your help!!

The roof is sheet metal. I think I’ll paint it brown. But what color should the sides and trim be?

Sage with brown trim?

Cream with sage trim?

Pale blue?

White with red trim?

Ugh. I have no idea.

If this was your chicken coop… what would you do to it?

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  1. I am hoping no to linoleum? Chickens scratch and pick and I don’t believe it would survive, if you were hoping for something easy to clean. They would most likely ingest bits and pieces over time. I like the idea of something bright and light, colors that would make your heart lighten just by looking at them. I know, this posting is years old, hope you have posted the finished product at a later date. I just found your blog this week.

    • We had linoleum in the coop for a while, but ended up taking it out. Believe it or not, I still haven’t painted the coop. I guess it just hasn’t been a priority.

  2. You may have already painted. I had not been here in awhile (busy with life) but we always use OOps paint for our projects. you might find something you really like there. :)Can’t wait to see pictures of the finished project.

  3. Cute coop! If you use oops paint, but don’t want a rainbow of colors, collect similar colors and stir them together in a five gallon bucket. Then, you’ll be sure to have enough to cover without having to go back and pay full price to match colors.

  4. That’s a really nice chicken coop. I would love one like that. I think the coop painted a blue color, a true blue or sky blue color, with brown trim would look nice.

  5. The new coop looks great! Our old coop was barn red with white trim. Our new coop looks like a Florida cracker house and was made with T-111 so we painted the grooves white and then the rest of it brown. I love it! (Although I also liked the red and white!)

    The others had a good idea on checking out the oops paint colors too.

    I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  6. My first thought was red/white BUT since you are on a tight budget, I agree about looking at the oops paint at WalMart, Lowes, HomeDepot, Ace Hardware. I’d phone ahead to find out what is available so as not to drag the kids all over creation!

    Also I liked the idea of a lighter color so as not to overheat the chickens (but what do I know about chickens…I never had any! I just look at on-line pics and dream!)

    I liked the idea someone had of painting a stencil or picture up in the triangle. How about a silouette in black of the side view of a rooster? Should be simple enough!

    Whatever you decide…keep it cheap! Your money is better spent on long term food for the family! I say it all the time, hard times ahead. Brace for a soft landing.

    Can’t wait for the pictures!

  7. I’ve had chickens most of my life up until now. I wouldn’t paint any part of it to dark because dark soaks up the heat and chickens can over heat. I would paint lighter colors to reflect the heat.I Enjoy reading your blog. This is all new to me. I’m a granny and you know how we are with all this technology.

  8. I would paint it turquoise and bright yellow with white trim. However, what I would really do…is go look at the OOPS paint that is cheap and see if any of those colors catch your fancy. Have fun! Post final product please!

  9. I would paint the building something neutral, maybe a chocolate color? Definitely not red, the color sticks out. I wouldn’t paint the roof just yet, I would wait a few years so I could collect rain water in a barrel system. Our chicken tractor is six years old and the roofing is made of the sheet metal and it hasn’t started to rust yet. I would also find a free source of wood chips (tree cutters) and put that down over the dirt.

  10. You can expect the chickens to “decorate” it themselves. I would go with a chocolate brown with a white trim. It would stand out as well as the red and white, but it would conceal some of the chicken decor….LOL

  11. If it were mine, I’d want it to match my house. I find it calming and not distracting if buildings match, since kids & their toys, animals, gardens, etc, can add so much (fun) chaos to a homestead. Just my thought…

  12. I was going to suggest oops paint or Craigslist also, but John beat me to it. Personally, I’m a huge fan of red with white trim. But maybe that’s why I’m such an old barn lover…

  13. I love it! It is so cute! As for painting, what color is your house? I think something that will match or compliment those colors would be good.

  14. Even though I love white & red, if it were mine, I’d have to try to match it to my house. Have you asked around for free paint? (My in-laws found a paint recycling place where it was ok to take. Two large sheds were fully primed & halfway painted with what they got.)

    P.S. I’m glad you’re back! (Even on the off chance I sound crazy…) I missed you/your blog!

  15. I thing the place would look good in a bright red and white. Or, you could go with a deep, maybe brick red and white. You might want to check on how well the color you choose holds up to the type weather you have.

  16. Love your new coop!! I’m not very original, but how can one improve on something as great as red siding with white trim? Okay, perhaps white with white trim if you’re going to go “cottage” and grow roses all over it – that might top the red and white. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with such a nice coop!

  17. The little triangle piece would look perfect shingled with gingerbread house shingles…the little rounded ones…I think it will make it look like a cottage…Very nice can you post more pictures of what it looks like inside too?

  18. Red and white! Total barn colors. 🙂 Yellow attracts bugs, so maybe yellow would be good. It would give them little critters to peck at. 😉 On the other hand, maybe the wrong critters would come along and bug your chickens!

    It looks great! Love your blog BTW Kendra…love it, and I post links to your posts regularly to friends. 🙂

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