Gun Shots In The Country

In my neighborhood in California, if you hear gun shots you drop what you’re doing and hit the deck! You run for cover… you call 9-1-1! And I’m sure that would be the case in most places in America. But out here in the country, no, no, it’s a very different story.

Before we moved out onto this land we lived in a trailer, with another trailer to the left of us a little ways over, a house across the road from us, and several more homes down along the road. Nobody very close by, but still quite a few homes around. It was very private and quiet, until one day…

I was inside my home, minding my own business going about my daily chores and taking care of my little one when all of a sudden I hear several extremely loud, much-too-close-for-comfort gun shots! My first reaction is to duck and immediately gain a visual of where the baby is. Then I hear it again, “POW! POW! POW!”.

I looked out my window to asses the situation; to see what the heck was going on. Through the trees I could see some teenagers across the street in my neighbors front yard. I cautiously stepped outside to get a better look; their backs were turned to me. I slowly crept up to the road, keeping the trees between us.

There they were, big old “beans and tater eatin’ boys” shooting shot guns at targets nailed to the trees in their yard, laughing and having such a great time. All within yards of my front door!! I could not believe what I saw! Now, what in the world would you do if you saw a bunch of teenage boys shooting guns right across the street from your home?

I realized they were shooting away from my house, but still, at any moment a stray bullet could come right my direction, right through my window! I was so mad, I could hardly stand it. But did they notice the petite, livid blonde across the street standing next to the road, arms tightly crossed at her chest, glaring at them in fury? Nope. They just went about having their fun as if nobody else in the world was around.

I called my dad. He’s an officer in the same county. I asked him if this was legal, and if I could call the cops on them. I could hardly believe my ears when he told me that it’s perfectly legal, and that the police couldn’t do anything about it. What!? That’s so dangerous!

So, for the entire rest of the day I had to sit in my house and cringe every time those crazy rednecks across the street shot their stupid guns. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against guns. I’m just against shooting them in a residential area!) It even further ticked me off when baby girl couldn’t go to sleep for her nap because of the incredible noise.

I was so glad when we moved onto this land, to get away from that craziness. Finally, peace and quiet! 34 acres of nothing but woods and nature.

But what happens the second day in our new home??

Gunshots! Lots of them!

Right outside our back door!! Who in the world is on our land, shooting??

I mean, right outside my door. Within yards of my home… again!

And, I’m at home by myself, with the kids. What do I do? I realized it was probably hunters on the adjoining property, but didn’t they realize that there was a home there now? Were they shooting my direction?

I couldn’t do a single thing. I didn’t want to go outside and risk getting killed! I just prayed that my house wouldn’t get shot up.

The next day it happened again. Gunshots, and laughter and cussing from the woods, close enough that we could hear their conversation from the back door. Fortunately, my husband was home that time. He stepped outside and yelled to the men that this was private property, and that they were too close to our home.

You know, we never heard them again. Hopefully next hunting season we won’t have the same problem. The only shots I want to hear are those coming from friends who we have given permission to to hunt on our land.

But every now and then I hear shots ringing in the distance. I always wonder to myself, How do I know if those shots are good or bad?

I don’t. I don’t know. So, I look at the clock and take note of the time of the shooting, just in case an officer arrives at my door the next day and asks me if I heard anything.

As I’ve been told, you just have to know your neighbors, and the situation around you. It’s crazy to me how common gun shots are to hear, and how nobody pays any attention to them out in the country.

As long as the shots are not smack in the middle of my yard anymore, I can live with it. Otherwise, these hunters are gonna have one angry chica on their hands!

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  1. I agree with Susan. If you approach your neighbors in a constructive/non-angry way, you should get good results. I lived in the country growing up and it’s, as you now know, not at all like living in the city. The people are generally more approachable and willing to work with you and help out. Try talking to them; you might be pleasantly suprised. 🙂

  2. My parents had land that they didn’t live on. They put ‘no hunting or trespassing signs’ up all over and the signs ended up full of bullet holes. I guess our hunters didn’t respect those signs. My parents would let people hunt there as long as they 1. asked permission and 2. only hunted with a bow and arrow (my parents figured it was fairer for the animal that way). One hunter got a deer and as a thank you presented my parents with some venison. They had no idea how to cook it but it was nice of the guy.

    I think you may want to go to your neighbors and voice your concern that the kids want to be out playing but you’re concerned they may get hit. Maybe the two of you can work out an arrangement where you’ll both be comfortable – ie no shooting between 10 and 3…or they will only shoot in a certain direction. If it is handled respectfully I’m sure it can be worked out.

  3. I lived in the country growing up, and now in the “ghetto” (so I learned that’s what it is called the other day) where we hear more gunshots than I did when living out in the country. Most of them are just b.b.’s, but we’re just outside the county line, so rules are a bit different. There have been a few shootings in our neighborhood, but so far only amongst those who are involved with drugs.

    We also hear fireworks a good bit, which sounds like gunshots. I was scared a lot when we first moved here, and it really upset me when people would shoot them off at night and we were trying to sleep. Once they were even intentionally shooting them at houses and started a little fire in our backyard! We called the police, but asked them not to come to our house (so the perpetrators wouldn’t get mad at us). Guess where the police came? Yep, our front door! Fortunately, most of the firework shooters had scattered by then. It’s been hard to adjust to at times, but we know that this is where God has us for now, and I’m sure you can say the same thing about where you are.

    If you post private property signs around your property, most hunters (at least if the ones in your neck of the woods are law abiding) will follow those; if not, they can be considered as trespassing. But it does take a LOT of signs. You’ll see a lot of these if you drive in the country and there is good hunting in the area.

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