Grow Your Own Groceries: Online Homesteading and Herbal Classes, Community, and More

Marjory Wildcraft of Grow Your Own Groceries has created an awesome online community where she’s hosting educational webinars and other special events. She shares an a ton of great information on homesteading, preparedness, herbal healing, and more. I’ve spent that past couple of days devouring the articles, learning from webinars, and soaking up all of the great preparedness information there.


The Home Medicine 101 classes have particularly held me a captive audience. Anyone who is interested in learning how to start using herbs at home to treat yourself and your family more naturally, this a GREAT online class for beginners. Each week, a new lesson is uploaded where you can watch the herbalist instructor explaining how to use certain herbs to heal common household injuries. There have been more than a few times as I’ve been watching that I’ve said to myself, “I didn’t know that!” Really great info there. So far she’s gone over: Bites, Stings, and Burns; Wounds; Coughs; Fevers; and Indigestion… with more on the way.

For $9.95/mo you get access to all of these classes, plus more! With the Core Community Membership subscription you’ll also get:

~ Survival and Homesteading Webinars- where experts share their best tips.

~ Access to the Gardening Help Desk- Master Gardener Leslie Parsons will directly answer all of your questions.

~ Community Support- where you can meet other people who are doing the same things you are, maybe even in your area!

More classes uploaded every week! A few upcoming classes that I’m excited to watch will be on Bio Intensive Gardening and The Instant Master Gardener.

The courses began March 10th, but by becoming a member you will have immediate access to all of the past and upcoming webinars and articles. The best part of participating in online classes is that you can learn from the comforts of your own home, at your convenience.

Marjory has done a fantastic job of bringing together a dynamic group of instructors, with the focus on bringing you exciting, practical, and informative classes, and truly helpful guidance. With so much to learn, there’s nothing to lose. I hope to see you there!


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