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Speedy Vegetable Garden


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Here’s a fun new book from Timber Press: The Speedy Vegetable Garden by Mark Diacono & Lia Leendertz.

Typically, vegetable gardening is about the long view: peas sown in spring aren’t harvested until summer, and tomatoes started indoors in February can’t be eaten until July. But it’s not true for all plants. Some things can be planted and eaten in weeks, days, even hours.

The Speedy Vegetable Garden highlights more than 50 quick crops, with complete information on how to sow, grow, and harvest each plant, and sumptuous photography that provides inspiration and a visual guide for when to harvest. In addition to instructions for growing, it also provides recipes that highlight each crop’s unique flavor, like chickpea-sprout hummus, stuffed tempura zucchini flowers, and a paella featuring calendula.

Sprouted seeds are the fastest. Microgreens can be harvested in weeks: cilantro, 14 days after planting; arugula and fennel in 10 days. And a handful of vegetable varieties grow more quickly than their slower relatives, like dwarf French beans (60 days), cherry tomatoes (65 days), and early potatoes (75 days).

The Speedy Vegetable Garden puts fresh, seed-to-table food at your fingertips, fast!

I absolutely LOVE this book! I love the idea of learning how to sprout seeds, and knowing which types of foods can be grown in just a matter of days. What a great resource not only for everyday use, but for emergency situations as well! I’m thinking this book could also be a great tool for teaching children (who can tend to be impatient when waiting for results) how to grow foods from seed, and enjoy them fresh from the picking. The authors even included simple recipes you can use with your harvests. I can’t wait to try some of these tips at home!

If you tend to wring your hands in anticipation of the first of your crops, or you get Spring fever in mid-January and are just dying to get something fresh from your garden, this book has some fantastic tips to get food from seed to your table fast.

Right now you can buy a copy at Timber Press….

Or… you can try to win one first!

Our friends at Timber Press have offered one of my lucky readers a chance to win their very own copy of The Speedy Vegetable Garden… wanna win?!

Simply leave a comment here letting me know why you’d love to add this book to your bookshelf!

I’ll choose one random winner on Monday, April 29th at 9pm EST. Open to residents in US and Canada.

Good luck!!

A big thanks to Timber Press for providing a copy for me to review, and one to giveaway.

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  1. What a great idea for a book. Impatient kids? Not me. I’m the one that checks several times to see if my seeds have sprouted and celebrate the first one poking its head out. Thanks for the opportunity to read this book for free.

  2. Due to my elderly father’s broken hip, I am WAY behind with this year’s garden, missed the “window” in almanac., will be planting late. Really could use a boost.

  3. This book sounds like it would be a great addition to our bookshelf as we are trying to learn as much as we can about garden – especially since we are planting our biggest garden yet this year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I am for anything that helps make my life easier. It would be great to have vegetables earlier in the season. I think this book will be a hit!

  5. Hi!
    I would love to have this book and learning how to sprout seeds. I am new to gardening so this would be very helpful! Thanks

  6. I’d love to add this book to my bookshelf so I can learn how to garden and take care of my family. I dont have a yard, so I want to try to grow the plants inside and then create some type of window planter out of recycled materials.

  7. I’d love this book! There’s several months a year that we aren’t able to harvest anything because of the heat. I’d love to learn how to grow a few things that hopefully would fill in the gaps.

    Thanks for the chance.

  8. I just found your blog this morning and am so excited! Not just excited about this giveaway but because I, too, am a native Californian now living in the rural South & beginning my family’s journey into homesteading and self-sufficiency! I am looking forward to learning more from you and hopefully from this wonderful book too! Thank you for opening your life to all if us!

  9. This is my first year gardening and I have learned how tough it is with such a small yard, so I am doing my best to learn succession planting. This book seems like it would help a lot and help me to maximize my small space.

  10. I built a 4×4 x12 raised bed for my best friend for her birthday and helped her plant her early spring crops. She is hooked! This book would be a great first gardening book for her.

  11. Wow – would love this book. Just got in “trouble” yesterday with my elders because I set my tomatoes out too early. And, I started my seedlings waaaaayyyy to early (early February). I need help!!

  12. I’m addicted to gardening and love feeding fresh vegetables to my family and friends. This looks like a great resource to have around! I’m all in πŸ™‚

  13. Why do I need this book? Because I need all the gardening help I can get! πŸ™‚ Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win a copy.

  14. i would love speedy..actually any help. have only bee trying to garden for 4 yrs. the last 2 yrs NOTHING grew. all that money and water and time wasted.after our asparagus plants were lost to the frost this year ( first year to harvest from them too) wanted to quit so much but determined to give it one one chance. just have no idea what to do

  15. At my hubby’s and my age..quick is always the better way! Always want to enjoy the produce from our labor. Yep, enter me please!! Lol

  16. Wow! Looks like a great book! I tend to get a bit impatient with my gardening…I just think they grow too slow! :~p (Oh well, a harvest is a harvest, no matter the speed, right?) At any rate, this looks like a fun-find of a book!

  17. I have A.D.D. and I need, make that “NEED” to see quick results or I lose interest. I would love to know how to garden in order to produce quick results!
    Would love to have this book.

  18. I have SO much to learn. I have had some success with cherry tomatoes and zucchini, but I struggle with EVERYTHING ELSE! So excited!

  19. I decided to try to garden abit and I grew lettuce, did not get much but I surely enjoyed what I did get. I could not believe the taste, so much more flavorable than store bought. I can’t wait to try my hand at other vegies, I am sure they will be tasty too!

  20. Would love to read this book! Seems we have the shortest growing season here in the Rocky Mountains. Growing up in southern Cali, I was spoiled with year round gardening (practically!) Moving to a place where I feel like I can’t grow anything in time for it to mature has really been a bummer.

  21. I love to garden and have fresh veggies to eat but often can’t spend enough time on it. Would love to try out fast garden crops.

  22. I would love to have this book! We are moving to Canada next week, so I’ll be getting a late start on my spring planting, plus it’s a colder climate. Ideas for fast growing veggies and herbs would be super helpful!

  23. My husband and I are expanding our garden this year, and we’re already learning how much we don’t know πŸ™‚ I’d love to read this book!!

  24. The book sounds like fun! I would love to use it to teach my kids more about gardening – seeing results quickly would hold their interest better!

  25. Would LOVE to win this book!!! We grow lots the majority of our fruits and veggies at home and this book would be a really great help!! I have heard so many great things about sprouting seeds.

  26. God is teaching me patience more and more each day. I too would like to plant my garden and eat from it immediately. Speedy Vegetable Garden sounds like a good book for me.

  27. I would LOVE to add this to my bookshelf because I’m a newbie at gardening and need ALL the help I can possibly consume πŸ™‚

  28. I LOVE books on gardening. I’m impatient. Sounds like just the kind of book I’d enjoy! Put me in the drawing please!

  29. I’m trying to get the granddaughters started in gardening. Getting some crops quickly will be more fun for them to get excited.

  30. As a homeschooling Mom it is always fun to have new books to teach the kiddos about different subjects. Gardening and letting young children eat what they have grown is a great learning tool.

  31. I am getting ready to start planting for the first time. I have NO idea where to start with my selection. This book appears to very well could be my answer to what and how to start.

  32. I would love to have this! I could really use it, too! LOL

    I live in a very short growing season area plus I am a bit impatient while waiting for the plants to grow……..

  33. I’ve never managed a very successful garden, although I am trying yet again this year. Maybe if I had a garden that grew that quickly, I wouldn’t have time to kill it??

  34. We would love the opportunity to win this informative book! Our family loves learning about gardening and the bounty that The Lord has provided us. (:

  35. We just moved into a new home and there’s not a lot of time left to start veggies for the garden. I’d love to put this book to use be able to have a bounty of fresh veggies! Please enter me (keeping my fingers crossed!)
    Thanks for the great giveaway πŸ™‚

  36. Very interested about the paella and flower recipe as I am continually expanding my healthy recipes! Does the 14day harvestapply to all climates? I’d be curious to find out as my cilantro only has 2 leaves on it. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  37. I would love to add this book to my bookshelf to help me and my family become more sustainable. I have been gardening for just 3-4 years now, and I would love to increase my production so that I can have a pantry like yours in the next few years! πŸ˜‰ I need some good tips of the trade.

  38. My husband, of over 40 years had a heart attack a few years ago. Since then I have tried to make sure he has a healthier life style. Getting rid of as much stress as possible and getting more exercise was important, but changing our eating habits was just as important. I have started baking our bread from flour I milled myself using organic grains. It’s amazing what a difference that change made. We love fresh salad with our evening meal, and it would be even better if we could pick it fresh just minutes before eating. Now I want to learn how to grow sprouts and micro-greens. Maybe we will be able to celebrate 60 years or more of wedded bliss.

  39. Yes! I want to plant everything today and eat it tomorrow. This ought to at least move me in the right direction, eh? πŸ™‚

  40. I am really getting into gardening. My grandma always planted a huge garden, and I want to follow in her footsteps. I would love to read this book!

  41. This is wonderful, I am new to planting a vegetable garden and this would really be a huge help in having a successful season.

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