GIVEAWAY: The Prepper’s Cookbook

The Prepper's Cookbook

**This Giveaway is now Closed. Congratulations to Kathy T (kturn… and Crystal JT Kennedy!

There’s a new cookbook hitting book stores, and it’s geared toward those who are working with food storage and eating on a budget. The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals is packed with frugal recipes as well as ideas for turning food storage items into savory dishes.

Tess Pennington, author of the website Ready Nutrition, has put together this comprehensive guide to making the most of what you have during an emergency.

In her book, Tess covers the basics of building your food storage, canning recipes, tips for making meals stretch, homemade seasoning and sauce blends, her favorite mealtime recipes, and more. And although The Prepper’s Cookbook is geared toward those who have food storage in mind, most of the recipes do not call for freeze dried or long term food storage items in particular, and would be easy for virtually anyone to follow.

Sound interesting??

You can get your very own copy at Amazon right now,


You can try to win one first!

Tess has so generously offered to giveaway a signed copy of her book to TWO lucky New Life readers. Isn’t that awesome?!

To be entered in this giveaway, simply leave a comment here letting me know why you’d like to have a copy of The Prepper’s Cookbook.

*For an extra chance at winning, you can go “Like” Tess on Facebook, and be sure to let her know I sent you!

I’ll choose two random winners on Friday, June 1st at 9pm EST. Good luck everyone!

A big thanks to Tess for providing a copy of her book for me to review, as well as two copies to give away.

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  1. As a mom of 7 I am always looking for “short cuts” and easier ways to prep. I feel this book would be a great accessory to that!

  2. Please enter me in the drawing. I’ve heard such good things about this book. I’m always looking to find new ways to use my food storage and new ways to store food. It’s a passion.

  3. Just moved to 12 acres with my family of 5, (3 teenagers that eat me out of house and home) and will be tilling a garden in the next week. I would love to see what I should grow and can. I need all the help I can. We have chickens so far and are waiting for the cows to be delivered!! Agh! We have no idea how to do all this. WE ARE WINGING IT!!!!

  4. I would love to have my name added for the drawing.

    Living in the foothills of Maine in the Winter I would really appreciate learning new ways of preparing, storing and using our garden’s harvest.


  5. I would love to win it because we are on our own journey to living self sufficiently and real food eating. God willing, we will be in a new homestead in one year!

  6. I would love to win The Prepper’s Cookbook. I thought I had signed up, but I cannot find my entry, so I guess I did not.

  7. What a neat-sounding book! This would be a great addition to my beginning years in gardening, canning, and prepping! Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. I would love to have a copy of this book because in my group I would be responsible for a lot of the food preparation.

  9. Love 2 can! Can already taste the pizza sauce I’m going to can with my organic roma’s this summer! (((HUGS))) from Texas!

  10. I would love to have the preppers cookbook. My wife and I have been canning and storing food for a few years now. Any new info, recipes and ideals are much appricated.
    Thank you for your wonderful web site.
    Bill & Valerie

  11. I would love to win a copy! I enjoy adding creativity to traditional, wholesome food. Practicing frugality while doing so is even better.

  12. Wow, this book looks like its packed full of goodies!! I would love to have this as I am teaching my kids all about food preservation and home remedies. Trying to get everyone ready for when the time comes.

  13. I have been building my food storage for the last year or so and I have been canning for the last 15+ years. BUT I would love to have a ‘road map’ of how to make it all work better together!

  14. I’d love a copy of this book! I just started canning and would appreciate any advice and helpful suggestions!! Thanks! Love the blog!

  15. I’d love to have a copy and would share it with my sister who needs to learn more about prepping (she’s recently divorced). It would be a handy book for both of us to use.

  16. I’m pretty good about buying in bulk, storing and preserving our gardens bounty and we just started raising our own meat. My problems arise when it’s time to make a meal of it!the cookbook would be amazing

  17. Long story short? I’m a cookbook junkie. I love having a variety of recipes on hand – bonus if it’s stuff I’ve got squirreled away in the pantry/freezer.

  18. This book looks AWESOME. I would love to win a copy& start practicing her recipes now:) .thanks for the opportunity to win!! U rock Kendra.

  19. I think it is important to be able to be self sufficient and be prepared for times when you must rely on your own survival skills. I would very much enjoy having a copy of your book and the educational value it has to offer. Thanks…

  20. This would be a great addition to my preps. I use and rotate what we store but new recipes are always nice to try out.

  21. I would love a copy of this cookbook to add to my prepper stash. It would be my first real prepper cookbook other than the internet!

  22. You have a lovely home and family – and I love your facebook and blog posts. I think I could spend all my spare moments on here and still never read all that I could use in my daily life. Way to go, Lady!

    I already love prepare-ahead meals and have made seafood chowders and northern Alberta traditional moose soups by the gallons to can for the nights we come home and just don’t want to cook from scratch. They have turned out delicious and I am always on the look-out for more “plan-ahead” style of foods to can up. I would certainly love a copy of this book!

  23. Living in “Earthquake Country”, I’m always looking for ways to have a good emergency stock. I think this book would be helpful.

  24. I would really like a copy of this book for my wife The redneck farm in Oregon we have followed you for a couple of years now Thnk you for all the great info.

  25. I would really like this book. As we build up our stores of foodstuffs, I could use some help with more ways to fix rice, beans and/or tomatoes.

  26. We are so happy to have discovered your site today! So much great encouragement, information and advice, thank you! We just need to get to our tipping point to make the move into full time self sufficiency homesteading. We would love a copy of this book to add one more resource to prepare us for this leap…

  27. I would love to have this book! My family is all about building our mergency food supply, as well as gardening on our 1/4 acre in the city!

  28. What a great cookbook! I would LOVE to add this to my collection. I have been prepping for a few years now, and wasn’t quite sure why I felt so compelled to do so. I am a single woman living on a few acres in the country, whose only goal is to grow all, or most of my own food. Everything became much clearer when a visiting pastor to my church prophetized over me, and spoke of me “feeding the people in my community”. Suddenly, things became clear, and I realized that I must truly prepare, not only for myself, but also my neighbors. Any help, in the form of this cookbook, would be truly appreciated!

  29. i’d love a copy. we’ve just started gardening for real and would love some help on figuring how to use our harvest. thanks for the chance. katharine.

  30. Nothing worse than having food storage and not knowing what to do with it. I would love a copy of “The Preppers Cookbook”.

  31. I have amassed this daunting, overwhelming, incredible amount of long term food storage with items I really don’t eat all that often, pasta, beans, rice.Help is needed here! This book sounds just about perfect!

  32. Wow. I would love to read this book. My husband is about to be furloughed and we realized that we were not at all prepared to provide for ourselves if we had a sudden drop in our income. So we have redoubled our efforts to grow our own food, trim our budget and really simplify our lives.

  33. Love cookbooks and would love to have some recipes for the all the food we have stored. Thanks for this opportunity.

  34. I would love to win a copy. We’re retired on a fixed income, and trying our hand at homesteading.
    Definitely need to learn about canning and prepping.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  35. Wow lots of comments already but here goes nothing, my husband and I are starting to become homesteaders but currently are in a 1/4 acre lot and have been reading some of the books we got in the 97 book package like your homesteading book. Since finding that I was hoping to turn our 1/4 acre lot into a homesteading paradise and have started 5 raised beds, tore up our old “2 1/2 car parking area” to practice hugelkulture in, he is looking into getting off the grid energy wise, and we have our own chickens now even! So the next step was for us to learn how to can and preserve all the food we are working on growing this year but just need resources on how! Please 🙂 & Thank you!

  36. I’d love a copy of The Prepper’s Cookbook. I’d love the canning recipes because I feel I’ll need them in the future and I want my family to be ready. I need to share the info with my daughter-in-law too! Love keeping up with you through your posts!

  37. Hey Kendra
    I have been following your blog/website for a little while now and I really like it. I really appreciate the information about the world God has made. ( also, I enjoy your humor 🙂 ) Anyway, I thought I would try to enter the giveaway. I am all about trying to save money and be healthy at the same time!! Herbs interest me greatly. This book seems like it would help me and I am always looking for good ways to eat healthy and naturally…. but without the huge bills!!:) So, I am very appreciative of your knowledge you share.

  38. I would love a copy of this book, because my family and I are just beginning our journey in the “prepper/self-sustanable” lifestyle.

  39. We are relocating this year and I will have my first garden next Spring. I can’t wait to start canning and putting things in the freezer!

  40. As I post this, there are 52 posts ahead of me. Don’t think for a minute people don’t read your blog!

    Please enter me in your contest for the cookbook! Great job Kendra.

  41. I’d love to win this cookbook because I’m a little worried I won’t know how to make tasty meals with all the freeze-dried and dehydrated stuff we’ve stored.

  42. As someone who has now been through her 4th tornado (2nd F-5) I take food prepping very seriously.
    This past week we were without power for about 2.5 days. We couldn’t leave the neighborhood due to debris and downed powerlines. But we had food in jars and stored water so I could keep feeding my family and rescue workersf.
    This cookbook would be a wonderful addition in helping me help not only my family, but my community as well.

    (No matter who wins, please continue to pray for us in Oklahoma.)Thanks so much

  43. As another earthquake hit recently, and watching people try and re-coop after the tornado in OK, and the winter storms recently, I realized I need to do a better job being ready. This seems like a good find to have with the stored food. 🙂

  44. What an amazing idea for a cookbook! I can so many things so this would be a great addition to all I have! PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! 🙂

  45. I’m sorry, the previous post I made was for a different Tess I found out, but would still love to have a signed copy from this Tess and add this book to my collection to further enhance my knowledge.

  46. I am working on my supply of stored food. A problem I frequently come across is, I have all these ingredients, what the heck do I do with them! It sounds like this book would be an amazing blessing! Hopefully we will never need to rely solely on our stored food but if need be, this book would be a great resource!

  47. I love Chef Tess! She has the greatest recipes for meals in a jar which I have made tons of and use regularly. I would love to have this book to learn more on what to do with all the freeze dried, dehydrated and canned foods I have left. I have also made cake in a jar too with all dry ingredients from egg to sour cream and you just add water!!! Tess is an ingenious cook and I would be honored to have a signed book of hers.

  48. That cookbook looks amazing, and totally perfect for two people who are totally prepared for crazy disasters. Would love to win it!

  49. I am reading a lot of survivalist books, and also “when the grid goes down and martial law” and I can tell you, they scare me!! And even thou I love to cook and figured no problem I could manage, the more I read the more I realize how hard all this happening would be. (Especially the parts about the government under martial law taking EVERYTHING from you, including all food , water etc from “hoarders, except for 3 days worth!! Being only on SS the best I could hope for would to be able to be picked as one of the winner’s. Win or lose, you’re doing a great job informing all of us!! YHWH Bless!

  50. Hi Kendra,

    I have been wanting to purchase the Preppers Cook Book for a while now, but life’s little unexpected expenses keep getting in the way.

  51. Would love this book for our growing family. We have had a garden for several years now and would love to take it to the next level in prepping.

  52. I’d love a copy of this book! So interested in prepping, and the fact that it includes how to used preserved items sounds amazing!

  53. I grow food, can and dehydrate but would love to add to my skills with creative recipes for foods we grow, hunt, catch or scavenge

  54. Oh, I need this! Not only because I’m in a funk with my own cooking, but, I teach canning…I need inspiration!

  55. Please put my name in the drawing for the book, The Prepper’s Cookbook. What a helpful resource! I’ve requested Tess to be my friend on facebook. She posts all kinds of helpful information on her wall. Thanks for the tip.

  56. I would love to have this book because I would like to make the food for my family rather than buy it already prepared. So often prepared food has a high salt content and other chemicals I like to avoid. It is so important for me to know what I am feeding them and if it is the best I can do. I am excited to see an actual preppers cookbook. Thank you for this opportunity and your blog.

  57. I would love a copy of this book! My husband is in Iraq so this would give me something to do while he is away 🙂

  58. I regularly cook out of my pantry and I try very hard to be creative about it, but, honestly, I could use all the help I can get and winning this cookbook would be super great!

  59. I would love to have a copy of this book! As I build my food storage I am having a hard time finding delicious and exciting recipes without getting burdened with food fatigue. This would be just the answer!

  60. I have been storing food but I never know what to do with some of it. I just make the same things over and over. It would be awesome to have some new ideas.

  61. I am just a beginner at the homestead lifestyle. Love your site and want to know more about homesteading and prepping.

  62. Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome book. I just started prepping and sometimes it gets overwhelming. Not just the food storage but what to do with all of it if something does make it necessary.

  63. First I am a “prepper” for the last 43 years and second I collect cook books so this would fit into my arsenal of useful items.
    Thanks for the heads-up on this cookbook.

  64. Oh I would love to win this.I have always wondered how we would survive on so many plain canned stingbeans etc!!!Thanks for the chance to try to win this!!!

  65. I’d like to win this book!! I think it would be a great idea source, I always see all these recipes for canning meats and such but never any recipes on what to do with the meats once you can them, lol I think this book would help with that and be a valuable resource.

  66. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Kendra & Tess!!

    I’d love to check out this book not only to help me learn to put some of my pantry supplies to use in different ways, but to give me a greater look at other things that I can be stocking and how to use them that I haven’t thought of!

  67. I planted a “canning garden” this year and would love to have more ideas on preserving food. And we could always use help with eating on a budget.

  68. Sign me up! The bain of my existence is figuring out how to prepare the same foods over and over again, and make them actually enjoyable. This looks like just the ticket to help me out.

  69. I would love to win this book. I love cookbooks in general, and am tyring to learn more about being self-sufficient and eating well, no matter what the circumstances. Always so much to learn!

  70. This would be perfect! I have 3 children 3 and unde,r which makes it difficult to constantly scour the internet for ways to both preserve our food and use it too!

  71. I could definitely use some pointers as well! Just looking at the index of recipes is making my mouth water! Would love to n a copy!

  72. I’d love a copy of the book! I only began prepping last January for my family of 6 and could always use some pointers . We are just getting our compost bin going and planting our garden. Next up is a winter greenhouse!

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