Give Your Onions A Trim

If you remember, about 7 weeks ago I started my onion seeds indoors under grow lights. I put some in individual cups, but I also planted a bunch in one larger container by simply broadcasting the seeds over the soil, sprinkling a thin layer of the soil overtop, then watering well. The seedlings in the large container are doing just as good as the individual cups, so next time I think I’ll just do that as it was much easier than planting seed by seed!

Some of my onion tops had grown so tall that they were falling over, so I gave them a trim. It’s recommended to trim back to 3-4 inches. They look much better now! Back under the lights they go, about 1 inch from the lights. One of my bulbs burned out though, so I know they aren’t getting enough light. I started hardening them off (getting them used to being outside a little at a time) so hopefully they’ll be ready to go into the garden next week!

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  1. Thank-you for this helpful info. I have a batch of candy onion seedlings growing in plastic deli-containers(great mini-greenhouses).

    I TOOK YOUR ADVICE AND TRIMMED THEM…uh 1st time whichever were a little long and bendy, then complete cut TWICE so far within a week. I do have an indoor 4-shelf plastic covered “greenhouse” unit that I have used in past for tomatoes, green peppers, etc. My question is, it is only March 10 in Wisconsin and a long way to actual outdoor planting time …do I keep the onions together in their little flats and just keep them in my shelving unit “greenhouse” inside in front of patio door///do I transplant each one///or do I just set up a light of some sort…my son has a grow light system…but he has said you can use three cool and one warm lightbulb…not sure if I would use multiple lamps or a four plug bulb hanging rigged electric source…I guess I just don’t want to break down and buy special quipment. Can they be trimmed multiple times? They look neat and healthy but growing rapidly. seed packet said to start 10-14 weeks ahead and I know that they need extra time to gain bulbs.

  2. My neighbor told me yesterday that you can cut the bottom root portion out of a whole onion, root them out in water and plant them in your garden to get nice big onions in the summer! I’m so excited I can’t wait to try as I just bought a 50lb bag 2 days ago. I have never even tried seeds as I never think to start so early.

    We can’t plant most things out ’till June 1st here, so very short growing season but tons of light.

    Jane in Alaska

  3. I just moved my onion seeds from their damp paper towel to some soil last night (making sure to put them in the right way up 🙂 ). I’ll have to remember to trim them when they get too tall – thanks! I wish I could see dirt in the garden but its still under 1-2 feet of snow! Enjoy yourself out there mucking about in the garden when you plant them 🙂

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