Getting Ready For A Yard Sale

Well guys, I’m busy getting stuff ready for a yard sale this weekend. I’m hoping we make some good money to help pay for gardening supplies, and other stuff… you know, like food, lol!!

We live so far back here that we can’t have the sale at home, which stinks ’cause that’s always convenient. I was going to rent out the local community center, but they wanted $45. I’m trying to make money here, not spend it! So, my Nana was generous enough to allow me her driveway for the weekend.

Jerry pulled all of the stuff out of our storage building for me to go through, and I’ve been purging closets, cabinets and shelves in the house as well, so I’m gonna be very busy for the next three days!

It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Here’s hoping I sell a ton of stuff!!

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  1. Good luck Kendra! I hope you make a ton of money and all your hard work pays off! We really need to have a garage sale too, but I am dreading all that work and trying to do the actual sale by myself with kids in tow and everything.

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