Hey guys!! Iโ€™m so glad you could join me, Jill, Amy, and Megan for another fun-filled Homestead Barn Hop! It has been so inspiring visiting everyoneโ€™s homesteads and seeing what youโ€™ve all been up to! Keep the great ideas coming!

This week I’ve been gathering my home birthing supplies…

It’s getting close. 4 more weeks, to be exact. It still seems too soon to be thinking about having everything ready for this baby that’s on its way, but I’m afraid to procrastinate any longer. I feel like this one will come before I’m ready. So I need to get ready now!

Last week I went through my birthing supplies leftover from baby Xia’s home birth, and placed my order for what I needed to re-stock. A few things I added to my birthing kit this time were Shepherd’s Purse and Blue Cohosh, to ease the postpartum bleeding. Something else my midwife recommended to me for the bleeding is that I start taking Barley Green supplements.

A few other essentials I’ll have on hand…

  • A Sitz bath and “AfterBirth” Sitz bath herbs.
  • Tucks pads. The cooling effect these give feels amazingly wonderful.
  • Peri cold packs. Heavenly.
  • Stool softener, or prunes.
  • A peri bottle.
  • Mesh undies and postpartum pads.
  • Lanolin and Soothies for breastfeeding.

Of course, I’ve also got the standard supplies like gloves, cord clamps, chux pads, and all that good stuff as well. But I’m wondering if there is anything else that I don’t know about that might help ease the delivery and postpartum pain. A couple of you have recommended to me that I get Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Cream, so I’ll have to try to find those things.

Earth Mama Special

Any other suggestions for me?? Have a favorite birthing supply you think I might like? I wanna make this birth the best yet!

Can’t wait to share this new little blessing with you all! Boy or Girl? What’s your guess??

Anything new going on at your place? Be sure to link up and share what’s happening in your world!