Garden Update: May 2011

I don’t know if these garden updates are interesting to you or not, but I do them as a sort of garden journal for myself. It’s a good way for me to keep track of what I planted where each month & year, and what I’m learning along the way. Hopefully, you enjoy peeking in at what I’m doing over in my little world.

You can see what my garden looked like about four weeks ago here.

My onions are growing nicely. I ended up buying a pack of bulbs to fill in the rest of the bed. I still have some room for more. I’ve decided planting from seed is definitely the way to go. The ones I started indoors are doing great, and were WAY cheaper than bulbs. You can get a pack of 300 onion seeds from Baker Creek for $2.50. The bulbs I got from Walmart were 80 for $2. I can’t wait to do a taste and storage comparison!

My tomatoes are finally growing. I can tell a difference between the varieties now, though I still don’t know which is which. The basil I planted in between the tomatoes is growing nicely as well. I’ve been mulching with hay from the goat’s lot.

My broccoli is looking fantastic. I’m even starting to get little heads growing!! Over this weekend though, I’ve been seeing the dreaded white moths fluttering around them, and have begun finding lots of eggs and worms on my beautiful broccoli leaves. We’ve been busy picking the fat green worms, and the yellow/black worms off and feeding them to the hens. And I’ve used the water hose to spray the eggs off. But by the next morning, there are more eggs and more worms to remove. I think I’m gonna have to find a dust to use on them.

Same deal with this box of broccoli and cabbage. I’m so glad the cabbage finally took off! It sure is getting huge! The broccoli I direct sowed is just about the sam

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  1. So pretty and green. All I’ve got it asparagus and some leafing-up strawberries. 🙂

    The stevia – it will only overwinter if you’re in a fairly warm climate. As in, no snow. It’s kinda like basil, at least here it is. Pinch the top leaves so it’ll bud/bush out, and the first frost will kill and wilt it if left outside. My herb lady overwinters it in her greenhouse for a bit, then has to bring it inside her windowed porch for a while (she sells cuttings of her big stevia plants since the seeds are notoriously bad germinators, as my four empty pots this year attest to).

  2. Lookin’ good girl! I am so envious. Our weather here has been poo-poo for planting. Lots of rain and not a lot of sunshine. I am hoping that things finally warm up in the next week or so. Looks like the eggplants will be a no go for another year.

    Wish I was there to help you eat your lettuce! 🙂

  3. Your garden looks amazing! I was finally able to get mine tilled and some things planted this week. We have had two record setting months of rain in a row here in WV, so it was way too wet to plant anything. I’ve got to get my fence up in a hurry. I saw a groundhog scoping out my garden this afternoon. Punk.

    • Tiffani,

      Good luck with it!! I just found a mole tunnel going from box to box in my garden. I had a nightmare the other night where I saw my plants getting sucked into the ground, one by one, by that mole. You know, like you see happen in cartoons. So not cool.

  4. I have not tried it but a local organic master gardener in my area (who is also a published author about companion planting) swears by floating row cover to prevent the moths on the cabbage family plants. My cabbage and Brussels sprouts were devoured by those pesky insects last year so I was too afraid to invest in them this year but next year I am going to try her trick! Good luck!

  5. I think it’s lovely. BT is inexpensive, organic, and would solve your moth problem on brocolli.

  6. Wow, it all looks great! Your lettuce is pretty! Mine looks kind of scraggly : Maybe it’s just the variety. It still tastes good 🙂 Good job! Your garden is way bigger than mine; you’ve done a lot of work!

  7. I love garden updates. Mine is not really doing so hot, so it is nice to see someone has it going on. 🙂 Good job!

  8. Kendra,

    I love your garden updates. I’m so envious. I only have one 3’x6′ raised bed. I have been buying transplants and it is very expensive. Next year I need to start from seeds for my own transplants.

    You do a great job, especially with four children. You make me feel so lazy 🙂 Love your blog!

  9. Everything is looking great, Kendra!! Sorry to hear your strawberries did get the fungus, though. 🙁 Grass clippings also make a good mulch to put under the strawberry plants (as well around any other plants, if you’re able to collect your grass when you mow it (and as long as you’re not treating your yard with chemicals). Our gardens are in pretty good shape, but we just keep getting so much rain here in IN. Had about six inches in six days last week. We are going to have to re-plant our pole beans. The ground is just so wet, the seeds have rotted in the ground. Anyway, I enjoy your garden updates! I’ve only just started with herbs. I have four planted, but need to get going on some more.

  10. One step at a time:)

    That sounds like our family. Your garden looks great! I was just telling my husband how I can’t belive how ours has grown so much in the last few weeks. From seed to something.

  11. One word of caution (don’t you just hate it when someone starts a comment like that?)…… If your house’s foundation has been sprayed for termites, might want to avoid planting anything edible in that soil.

    Your garden looks lovely! With 4 children, I don’t know how you do it all! Well, actually I do, God has given you the strength, desire, and the grace to accomplish so much!

    Great job!

  12. How inspiring! We’ve been trying to get our garden in here in northern Indiana for a while now. We had plans to put it in this weekend, but the ground is just too wet. We’re hoping maybe next weekend. This week is supposed to be pretty dry so that will help a lot. We have a cherry tree and a row of grapes. We’re fixing to put in some blueberry bushes and next year strawberries. I, like you, would love to have enough food to feed our family (of 10 and growing). Good to have a goal!! 🙂

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