Well, this is what my garden looks like right now. Here’s a shot of most of the left side of the main garden. Along the far left side, out of the photo, is a row of trash cans with potatoes in them, and cucumbers climbing the fence. I’ll show you those in a minute.

And here’s a shot of the right side of my garden. Please look past all of the junk. We’ll make it pretty one day.

Here are my potatoes in trash cans. They’re doing really well!! I can’t wait to see the results. I also have a few rows of potatoes here in the garden. We’ll see which does better.

My green beans are doing better than ever this year, *crossing fingers*! I sprinkled them with wood stove ashes to help keep the Mexican Bean Beatles away. I’ve spotted a few in there still though, and some Japanese Beatles as well. So far the plants are winning, and I even see a few little green beans developing!

My potato patch is in the upper right hand corner of the photo of the beans as well.

I’ve been harvesting cucumbers over the past couple of days! They are doing really well climbing the side of the garden fence.

 You need to be picked, little cucumber! These are pickling cucumbers, so I don’t want to let them get very big or they’ll lose flavor and get really seedy.

These are my pumpkins. I’m a little worried about them, though. I saved the seeds from some “heirloom” pumpkins we got from somebody last year, but what’s growing doesn’t look anything like a pumpkin to me…

See what I mean? I’ve never grown pumpkins before (well, I’ve been unsuccessful so far), so I’m not sure if they’re supposed to look like this. Shouldn’t it be orange? Maybe it’ll change color as it gets closer to ripening. I’m afraid I’ve got some hybrid cross thing going on here, though.

Here’s my row of zucchini. We’ve been eating from these for the past week or so as well!!

I’ve found a few worms in the ends of a couple of my zucchinis, but for the most part they’ve been perfect.

My Romas are doing well!! The ones that died in the frost ended up dying completely. But I had enough seedlings in the greenhouse to kinda fill in the bare spots somewhat. The plants have grown so big, I had to tie them to the trellis with some twine so they wouldn’t sprawl along the ground and get diseased.

I’m getting lots of green tomatoes!! Hopefully they’ll ripen well.

This was supposed to be a whole row of cabbage, but they didn’t come up well. I stuck a yellow squash plant on the end to try to use up some of the wasted space. The cat has made this her litter box, unfortunately, so a lot of my seedlings were dug up.

Here’s a close-up of my cabbage. I planted them in a semi-shaded spot this year. Last year my cabbage was so eaten up by bugs I didn’t get a single head. So far this one looks really good. My cabbage was bitter last year also (what little I was able to salvage and taste). I think it was from being planted in the direct sun. The shade should help.

Here are my asparagus seedlings. Not sure exactly what to do with them. I guess I’ll just leave them till they get fairly tall. I don’t mean for this to be their permanent bed. I read something about female plants and male plants, and that one gets ferny (female?) and all but one or two of these should be cut down ’cause they won’t produce anything. I’ll have to study up on that eventually.

Only a few of my peppers survived the frost. I’ve planted and replanted so many times, with so many different varieties, I’ve lost track of whether these are bell peppers or mexican chilis!!

Here’s my little herb bed. I moved the center pot so you can see what I’ve got here. I built it with the 200 year old hand made bricks from the old chimney in our woods. I wish it could have been bigger, but Jerry needed room to get through the garden with the tractor.

From the center top going clockwise: Sage, chives, marjoram, fennel, oregano,  cilantro, dill, and more marjoram. The large pot that goes in the middle will be for rosemary.

Here are my onions. I interplanted Summer Savory as a companion plant to help improve the flavor of the onions.

All of the eggplants I put out into the garden have been demolished by flea beetles, but this one plant I kept in the greenhouse until it was pretty big, and it’s starting to bloom!

And my random assortment of various leftovers. My cherry tomatoes are ripening, yay!

That’s about it for the main garden! There are a few acorn squash, watermelon, and canteloupe plants I didn’t take shots of up close, which are coming along alright. The broccoli and turnips are pretty much done. Oh, I planted corn in there as well, but the baby chicks have scratched and pecked up all the seed.

The kids also each have a mini garden of their own in here, with random little plants of their choosing. They’ve been excited to watch their seeds turning into beautiful big plants, and have already started bartering with each other for produce. “Hey Ty, I’ll trade you one of my watermelons for one of your pumpkins when they get big enough!” So fun.

How’s your garden coming along?