Can I just brag for a moment? ‘Cause I’m still super excited about this awesome yard sale find we lucked up on a couple of weeks ago!

Okay, check it out.

My new computer desk…

Gorgeous, right?!

Guess how much I paid for it.

You’ll never guess.

Okay, I’ll tell you. Twenty-five smackaroos.

That’s right, $25!! I couldn’t believe my luck!

It was a Friday afternoon, and the family and I just happened to pass a yard sale while we were out. We stopped, curious about some barrels we spotted, not even noticing this gem. But just as I was heading back to the car I happened to spot the desk strapped onto the back of a trailer.

“How much are you asking for the desk?” I said to the man there, purely out of curiosity. No way was I gonna be able to afford it.

But the man shocked me when he answered, “Ya know, it’s getting late in the day, and I really don’t wanna take this thing back home. So I’ll tell you what… how’s twenty-five dollars sound to you?”

Twenty-five bucks? Are you serious!?

“Um. Okay, let me go see what my husband thinks.” I casually replied.

Of course I was trying not to jump up and down as I jogged back to the van to tell Jerry about the deal. He was just as excited as I was, and we made plans to come back with our own trailer to pick it up.

And I didn’t even haggle with him. (Very uncharacteristic of me. Just sayin’.)

What a deal! As soon as we got home I began taking everything out of our office to make room for the new addition while Jerry went back to get it.

What fun!! I love redecorating.

It was a struggle, but I was able to help him carry it (in one piece) up our front steps and into the office. And then I gleefully went about the house gathering things from here and there to decorate it with.

But the very best part of this deal…

This is the desk we replaced with the new one. Jerry had rescued it from the dumpster at work.

I sold it two days later for $25.

So, we broke even. Ha!!

I just love little blessings. Every now and then I feel like the Lord rewards our penny pinching ways.

Have you had a frugal decorating find lately? What is your favorite freebie or super cheap score you’ve happened upon?

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