From Gangs To Goats

I recently did an interview with Tim Young from The Self Sufficient Life, which I must say was my absolute favorite interview of all time- hands down. He touched on things I’ve never talked about on the blog, especially about my life before becoming a homesteader. Although we didn’t even scratch the surface of my “rebellious teenage years” that got me sent away to live with my dad in the middle of nowhere, our chat gives you a glimpse of what my life was like leading up to where this blog began. I think you’ll enjoy the story of where I came from and how it all began…

The Rebellious Teenager Who Was Sentenced To Homesteading [Podcast and transcript]

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A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Wife and homeschooling mother of four. Enjoying life, and everything that has to do with self sufficient living.


  1. I was interested in listening to the podcast but the music never stopped so it was aggravating to try to listen to. Maybe you could make a blog post about before you were in NC and how you came to be here.

  2. Kendra,

    I was totally shocked to find out you were from SB!! I grew up there, too (though I’m about 15 years older than you, so gangs, etc. weren’t as much of a problem when I was a teen). And we were always a little counter-cultural for SB. Even when we lived in a VERY urban part of town, we grew a veggie garden fertilized with the “pellets” from our guinea pigs!

    We didn’t go nearly as far; just up to Northern San Luis Obispo county. When people talk to us about SB, we say, “It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there!”

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