This is for all of you who wondered how the rabbit came out 🙂

Well, after soaking the rabbit overnight in salt water, he boiled it for about 20 min. Then he coated it with flour, like you do for fried chicken, and he fried it up! I watched in anticipation of his reaction as he took his first bite…

“Mmmm! Tastes just like chicken!”

He was truly shocked at how similar it was. He meant to make gravy from the drippings, but he overcooked it (afraid of under-cooking it), and there was no liquid left in the pan.

He tried his best to get us to taste it, with no takers. When he offered it to little Jada, and told her what it was, she had the obvious reaction, “Ewwww! Gross! Poor little rabbit!”

He even took it to work for lunch. He tried to get the other guys to try it… they teased him and called him Grizzly Adams.

I’m going to get some recipes for cooking rabbit from Jerry’s grandmother. She lived through the Great Depression, and ate rabbit all the time.

Anyone have a recipe for rabbit to share?? Looks like it may become a common meal in our home 🙂