Fresh Sandwiches and Missing Gadgets. DAY 10 of the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge

It’s DAY 10 of the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge… and we want waffles.

This morning my oldest daughter, Jada, had a hard time finding anything she wanted to eat for breakfast. She didn’t want oatmeal. She didn’t want eggs. She didn’t want a bagel or toast. Nothing sounded good to her.

So I asked, “If you could have anything right now, what would you have?” She thought for a minute, then answered, “Waffles.”

I used to have an electric waffle iron. I hadn’t used it in forever so it was packed away the last time I purged our home. I thought I’d stuck it in a storage box out in the workshop, but after about 30 minutes of looking for it I concluded that it may have been donated away.

We do often buy a couple boxes of frozen waffles for breakfast once a week. It would be nice to have waffles right about now.

I took a little time to look around online at waffle iron options so that I can put one on my birthday list for next month. I’m thinking a stovetop waffle iron would be the best choice since it would work on the wood stove if we lost power.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Lunch was delicious tomato and basil sandwiches on flatbread. I actually had two. They were so refreshing after spending time working out in the garden!

The kids opted for Wowbutter and raspberry jelly sandwiches, fresh yellow pepper slices, herb crackers and muscadines. (We have a peanut butter allergy so we use alternative nut butters.)

Here’s my recipe for seedless raspberry jelly, if you’re interested.

For Dinner tonight I made Mexican Picadillo. I tried taking a photo for you but there was just no way to make it look appetizing. As my grandfather (who has Alzheimer’s) says sometimes, “Looks like it’s already been eaten!”

Picadillo might not look great, but it really is tasty. If I’d had time I would have made tortillas to go with it. That would have been even better.

This evening though, we discovered that it’s much tastier when you actually use real ground beef. No real surprise there. We normally love this recipe, but with the Taco TVP substituted in for ground beef… well, it was still good, but our taste buds are a little spoiled still. Everybody ate, but nobody went back for more.


Here’s the breakdown of Day 10’s challenge meals:

Thrive scrambled egg mix
Bagels and honey

Tomato and basil on flatbread w/ mayo
Wowbutter and homemade raspberry jelly sandwiches
Crackers, yellow bell pepper slices, muscadines

Tortilla chips
banana slices

Picadillo- potatoes from the garden, bell pepper, Thrive chopped onions, Thrive taco TVP, tomatoes, garlic, Thrive cilantro, vegetable broth

Thrive Fudge Brownie Mix ( I used this ’cause it’s just add water and didn’t require butter. Yay!)


Can you think of any food prep gadgets that you might wish you had in a long term power outage? Do you have cookware that can be used over a fire or wood stove?

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  1. How about some non Thrive in a box things like chickpeas (either canned or soaked then pressure pot)made into hummus and make some flatbread? We make that once every 2 weeks. If you do not have tahini you can use peanut butter instead. All good got for vegetarians. And beans and rice is always a good meal.

  2. Cookware that could be used over a fire or wood stove – hmmm, of course there are always dutch ovens and other cast iron cookware. Other items might include: an old-fashioned percolator coffee pot, a stove top pressure cooker, a teakettle, a roasting spit for meats, and a Coleman “oven” for baking. Not to be used directly on a woodstove or over a fire but still very useful for grid-down cooking would be: a wide-mouth thermos bottle, a wonderbox/bag or haybox, and a commercially made thermal cooker such as the ones by Saratoga Jacks, etc. As far as non-electric food preparation equipment goes, I think my favorites would be: a hand-cranked Vortex blender, a hand-cranked La Bonne Graine butter churn, a hand-cranked meat grinder, a hand-operated egg beater, a mortar and pestle, a manual knife sharpener (and my favorite Santoku knife!), a Victorio food strainer, a food mill or Chinois, a cheese press with cheese molds, and a hand-cranked “food processor” πŸ™‚

  3. Texturized vegetable protein (soy) and I are not BFF’s…messes with my hormones. Better for me to brown and drain hamburger meat and pack one pound into a pint jar (no water) and pressure dry for 1 hr. 15 min. So when I forget to thaw hamburger for supper, just grab a jar to use in spaghetti, taco’s, nachos, pizza topping, sloppy joe’s, etc. Same can be done with browned and drained sausage, and that goes nicely as a pizza topping, or in gravy for sausage gravy on homemade biscuits.

    Roast cut into cubes, browned and drained can be put in a pint jar with a bit of salt and hot water and pressured to be used later as beef tips and noodles, or shredded with a fork and heated on the stove with liquid smoke and several tangy BBQ sauces to make BBQ sandwiches, or thrown into a soup or step. Canned chicken can be put into Bear Creek pasta or Bear Creek rice pouches for a quick hearty meal. Freezer goes down…no problem with canned meats. They are quick and convenient. Just catch the meat on sale.

    Something I’ve been meaning to ask…Have you thought about making your family that wonderful whole wheat cookie recipe as comfort food? It’s the recipe where when you made it for the first time a few years ago Jerry said something like ‘please tell me you’re not giving these away to someone else’. THOSE cookies!!!! They are seriously delicious!

  4. I have the exact waffle iron in the photo. I absolutely love it. The best thing about it you can wash it, unlike its electric counterparts. I think my Mom got it from Lehman’s for my birthday or Christmas several years ago.

    • We went to Lehman’s on vacation this summer on our Amish Country day. So much stuff to see. I liked the area where they had grain mills set up. Some of them were so easy to crank by hand and others not so much. You can’t understand that by flipping through a catalog or by shopping online. Of course, the good one was out of my price range, but maybe some day.

      A washable waffle iron is a required feature for me. I threw away my last one because batter oozed out the back side onto the electrical cord. It got gross.

  5. I would miss my crockpot. I use that thing ALL the time:) Also would miss my stove, lol! We don’t have a wood stove, but I want one SO SO badly. That is a definite must have at some point in our future when we upgrade houses….someday! (I am hoping sooner rather than later!!)

  6. I have a cast iron waffle iron for the stovetop … we r transitioning to an off grid lifestyle so electric wasn’t an option. It takes just a little getting used to but I love it! For some reason the waffles are soooooo much better than any I made in an electric one.

  7. Reading these I realize we really need to get better about having a serious plan for an emergency food situation. We’ve got plenty of stuff in the stockpile but no real plan. I think October might be our month to make that plan. Thank you, Kendra!!


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