Fresh, Raw Peas. Our New Favorite Edible.

We were out in the garden yesterday, and as I went from row to row examining my plants, I came to my swing-set trellis and discovered that many of my sugar snap and purple podded peas were ready to harvest!

I picked off a pod and broke it open to reveal two nice rows of plump green peas. I had never in my life tasted a fresh pea before yesterday. I popped it in my mouth, and was shocked at how sweet and refreshing it was!

I called out in excitement to the kids, who were playing Robinhood in the woods, “Guys, come here! The peas are ready, you have to try them!

Jada and Ty ran to me equally as excited. Although, once I handed them the pea pods they both held them in hesitation for a moment, unsure of what they would taste like or how to even open them.

“Try them!” I encouraged. “They’re so good.” And I showed them how to split the pods apart.

Each took their turn slowly placing a round pea in their mouth. And I laughed as both faces lit up with delight!

And then it was all over for my peas, for the children devoured every plump pod they could find. But it was such a joy to me, I didn’t mind one bit. That is what the garden is for, after all!

First we tried the purple podded peas, breaking them open to enjoy. Then we moved to the other side of the trellis where the sugar snap peas are growing. These were so crisp and sweet, we happily crunched on the whole, unbroken pods!

The kids contented themselves with picking and munching until there were no more to eat, and their bellies were full.

So much for saving some for seed! Ha! This was our first year growing peas, so I didn’t plant a whole bunch. Now that I know how much we all love them, and how easy they are to grow, I’ll be sure to plant a lot more of both varieties next year.

I wonder, do you grow peas? What’s your favorite type of pea variety to grow?

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  1. I just started canning last year even know i grew up with my mom and dad canning all my life. I really enjoy taking pride in my growing of my garden and eating my fresh foods all year long.

  2. With no rain we had forgotten we even planted the peas till I was out in the garden going through the weeds (which seemed to be the only thing growing so I let them go too far just for a little green) Lo and behold the peas I had forgotten even planting this year had pretty flowers and were growing everywhere!! Up my tomato cages, through the weeds till it is hard to pull the weeds now because the peas are around them, and off topic we have found a volunteer melon plant of some type that survived too. Not sure what it is yet.

  3. Yum! The more you pick the more they produce and as they grow bigger & bigger the hunt becomes so fun. My last years crop exhausted me with all the picking. Sometimes I was harvesting up to 5 lbs a day, enough to share with all the neighbors, friends and even one wedding buffet and putting enough away for the winter months. I finally got so tired of harvesting that I pulled and composted them. I’ll try not to do that this year and be a better picker. Cheers!

  4. Ok, you’ve convinced me…I’m trying sugar snaps next year. Our garden is 15 rows by about 50 yards long, and we usually grown 3-4 rows of peas. With that many peas, we have enough in our freezer for the whole year. However, we always stick to the same thing: Mississippi Pink Eye Purple Hull (which I am assuming is like your Purple Pod?), and the small green lima bean (which I love, love, love to eat right out of the pod…so sweet). I really want to try sugar snap peas, now, though…I’m getting bored.

    Don’t give up on them, they will produce more. We usually pick ours for a couple of weeks in June, and then we side-dress them and get another full harvest in July.

  5. Easy to grow? My second year trying, and I have had no luck with them. Everyone tells me peas are easy, but I can’t get them to grow. I’m going to try again later this year, but I’m not very hopeful. I don’t think I have a green pea thumb. Any suggestions?

    • LOL… no green pea thumb, eh? Well, what I did was spread about five inches of good compost over a layer of newspaper. Then I covered that with about 2 in. of woodchips. I pushed the chips aside for each hole, and planted each pea seed about an inch or a little less deep, then watered frequently. Full sun. Hope that helps a little!

  6. my grandma grows Suger Snap Peas they are my absolute fav….she used to have a huge garden but now she only grows a few things (tomatoes, cucumbers, suger snap peas, Black Raspberries, Red Raspberries, Fall Gold raspberries, several Herbs, and Bush Cherries)

  7. I love fresh sugar snap peas and eat them pod and all, too! :o)
    Not tried the purple podded peas, will have to look for them. Thanks for the tip!

  8. The purple pod peas that my grandparents have, if conditions are right, will produce until you will almost be sick of picking them. The sugar snap peas are great in a fresh salad. : )

  9. Peas never make it to the table at our house. And they taste so much better out in the garden anyway. You just can’t get any fresher than that! :~P
    The more you pick, the more they will produce blossoms and peas, so keep on enjoying those peas!

  10. Peas are one of my very favorite to plant and eat. Usually they produce for a good month- into the beginning of June. My kids love and devour them fresh and raw too. Be warned it is really hard to plant enough to actually preserve for winter- they are too good and get eaten fresh too quickly!

  11. We also grow peas and my 2 year old discovered them this spring and we had to watch him when out in the garden as he would run right over and pick peas. That’s fine – but in his excitement he pulled out a whole plant the one time :0)

    Now he has learned he can harvest blueberries right off the bush too.

    Soon I think it will be cherry tomatoes :0)

  12. I agree I love fresh peas! I didn’t really taste a fresh pea until I met my in-laws, and wow, I was sold!


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