We were out in the garden yesterday, and as I went from row to row examining my plants, I came to my swing-set trellis and discovered that many of my sugar snap and purple podded peas were ready to harvest!

I picked off a pod and broke it open to reveal two nice rows of plump green peas. I had never in my life tasted a fresh pea before yesterday. I popped it in my mouth, and was shocked at how sweet and refreshing it was!

I called out in excitement to the kids, who were playing Robinhood in the woods, “Guys, come here! The peas are ready, you have to try them!

Jada and Ty ran to me equally as excited. Although, once I handed them the pea pods they both held them in hesitation for a moment, unsure of what they would taste like or how to even open them.

“Try them!” I encouraged. “They’re so good.” And I showed them how to split the pods apart.

Each took their turn slowly placing a round pea in their mouth. And I laughed as both faces lit up with delight!

And then it was all over for my peas, for the children devoured every plump pod they could find. But it was such a joy to me, I didn’t mind one bit. That is what the garden is for, after all!

First we tried the purple podded peas, breaking them open to enjoy. Then we moved to the other side of the trellis where the sugar snap peas are growing. These were so crisp and sweet, we happily crunched on the whole, unbroken pods!

The kids contented themselves with picking and munching until there were no more to eat, and their bellies were full.

So much for saving some for seed! Ha! This was our first year growing peas, so I didn’t plant a whole bunch. Now that I know how much we all love them, and how easy they are to grow, I’ll be sure to plant a lot more of both varieties next year.

I wonder, do you grow peas? What’s your favorite type of pea variety to grow?