Reuse Cereal Bags for Waxed Freezer Paper

A quick, frugal tip for the day…

I hate throwing potentially useful things away. Don’t you?

Here’s a great way to reuse cereal bags. You may never have to buy waxed paper again!

If you have boxed cereal in your home, or if you buy any boxed snack items, here’s a neat little tip for you:

Most of these snack boxes have a wax paper bag inside, keeping the food fresh. Once the bag of food is empty, cut it open, rinse it off, and use the bag as waxed paper for your freezing needs.

Just don’t bake with it, I tried this as an experiment and it melted.

I love using this for separating food that I am going to freeze, like waffles, pancakes, ground beef, chicken breasts, etc.

It’s also good as a table protector, making kid’s craft time an easy cleanup!

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  1. Is the bag really waxed? I always thought it was just plastic and threw them away. Hmmm…I may start saving them to use.

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