We got a few more things from our garden this week. Our first Zucchini was big enough to pick, we got another cucumber (our third), and I picked our first “Moon and Stars” Watermelon.

I was so excited to pick that watermelon! We’d been watching it grow for weeks; admiring it daily and giving it special attention when watering the garden. Every day it seemed to grow a little bigger, and every day our mouths watered for it a little more.

All of us were so anxious to cut into that beautiful melon. Then the day finally came. I went out into the garden to check on the progress, and heard a whisper coming from that watermelon. It called to me, “Pick me. Pick me!”

I reached down to examine it. It looked big enough. I flicked it, “Thump. Thump.” It sounded hallow, just like the books said it should. I turned it over and noticed a nice yellowish spot on the bottom, an indication that it had been sitting long enough. “Yep!” I thought, “It’s ready!!”

A little hesitantly I reached down and pried it off of the vine. Then all at once it was free in my hands.

Yay! Watermelon time!

I skipped inside and presented the trophy to the family. Our prized melon. Jada was thrilled that it was ready. She even posed for a picture with it! Can’t you just see the pride in her face? (Silly girl.)

But when my husband saw what I had done, instead of excitement I got, “You picked it? You weren’t supposed to pick it yet.”

What? I said, “But the book said it’s ready when it sounds hallow, which it does, and when the bottom turns yellowish, which it is.” “I think it’s ready.”

Then Jerry said, “But my mom said not to pick it until the stem turns brown.”

Huh? I felt my heart sink a little. Unfortunately, I missed that conversation.

Still truly wanting to believe that I was right, I asked hubby to cut into the melon and see. I just knew we’d find a nice, juicy red fruit inside. And I was so ready to devour it!

He sliced it in half, then stepped back with a sigh. Green. All green. Big bummer!!

NOOOOO! How could this be!! Are there even words to describe my disappointment?! I kicked myself… I kicked myself hard! All that watching and waiting for nothing!

I wanted so badly to believe that it was ripe. I suddenly convinced myself, “Maybe it’s supposed to be like that!” I tasted the green flesh. Nope. Yuck. Not good.

Big Big Bummer! I HATE learning things the hard way!

I apologized to the family over and over again. We were all so anxious to enjoy that melon, and I totally ruined it for everybody. Ugh!

So, now we wait, and hope for another one.