First Official Appointment With The Midwife

I’m behind on writing this post… today I actually went for my second check-up with Amy, my midwife. But, I wanted to share my thoughts from the first official appointment with her, for those of you who are curious.

Like I said before, she only lives 2 min. up the road from me, which is so nice not having to haul the kids 45 min. away to the doctor’s office. When I got to her house the driveway was lined with several cars. Seems she’s a very busy person!

There was already somebody in her office, so Amy was occupied when I walked in (you do just walk into her open home). Another one of the three midwives was there (with her 6 small children sitting at the table for lunch). She introduced herself to me. She’s very young, probably around my age, late 20’s. She too is expecting again; she’s due about a month after I am. All of her births have been at home.

There were also a couple of teenage girls in the kitchen canning strawberry jam. With all of those people in the home the place was bustling!

So, while I was waiting for Amy I collected a urine sample. The other midwife showed me how to use the test strip to test the sample, and make a note of anything that is off. I wasn’t done long before Amy was ready to see me.

I went in and sat on the comfy daybed in her office. My kids sat up there with me, munching on the snacks I’d brought along. They pricked my finger and checked my blood. My sugar was up a little, so I bashfully admitted to downing a bunch of cookies right before I came. Oops!

Next they took my blood pressure, weighed me (as of today, 32 weeks, I’ve gained 29 lbs), felt the baby’s position, measured my belly, and listened to the heartbeat. Just the normal stuff that the regular OB would do. Just much more comfortable! Everything looked great. Me and the midwives made small talk as they did their thing. When they were done, they gave me a sheet with a list of birthing supplies that I’ll need to gather together before the delivery.

I was there for an hour, but it didn’t seem like long at all. Before I left another expectant lady was coming in the door with her two children and her grandmother. I said to Amy, “Man, you’re busy aren’t you!” She said, “Yeah! Isn’t it great!!” She loves that so many women are opting for home births nowadays. And she seems to be the woman to know!

Once my visit was over I gathered up the kids, who were in the living room now quietly playing blocks on the floor with the other 8 children. The little white-haired grandmother was sitting in a rocking chair smiling as she watched them all play.

What an enjoyable visit! No long wait in a stuffy doctor’s office waiting room. No rude receptionists to deal with. No trying to entertain the kids in the office while we wait for an hour for a hurried and unfamiliar doctor to come in. No cold, hard table to lay down on; no crinkly paper beneath me. No wondering what they would be doing to me today. No anxiousness whatsoever.

As I left the house I thought to myself, “Now, this is the way it should be.”

7 thoughts on “First Official Appointment With The Midwife”

  1. Isn’t it though? Definitely the way it should be. It boggles me as to why other women don’t wake up and realize this. (Amy has been my midwife since my very first pregnancy and attended both of my home births. She’s wonderful! I’m glad there are people like her, otherwise I would probably have C-section scars instead of just stretch marks! haha)

  2. Hey I was going to say ‘amen’ to the last part too! I love my midwives. The comfortable surroundings, their ease with children running around and the overall emotion of the women. Home wasn’t an option for me last time but I’m praying it will be this time (I’m due in December with baby 4) My last delivery was a water birth at their birthing center and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. Even during the most intense parts I knew I was loving it more than my last two hospital births (which were good experiences).

    I am so so excited for you to experience this. I can’t remember, are you considering a water birth?


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