Finding The Good In Everything!

Sometimes it seems like everything around us is working against us. You know that feeling? The road of life can be very hard at times. There are ups and downs, u-turns, and some major pot holes along the way! But no matter what seems to be going wrong in your life, if you choose to look at it through our Father’s eyes, you can find the good in everything!

When things get really tough for me, there is one particular Scripture verse that I cling to:

Jeremiah 29:11 (CJB)

“For I know what plans I have in mind for you, says ADONAI, plans for well-being, not for bad things; so that you can have hope and a future.”

This speaks to me.

If we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, if we truly believe that He does what he says, that he guides our steps and LOVES us, than how can we complain about anything that seems to be going wrong in our lives? Everything is being worked together for our GOOD!

I don’t know what burdens you carry today. I don’t know your struggles. But if you are walking in His ways, keeping His commands, and living a life that is pleasing to the Lord, then you can stand strong and have faith knowing that Yahweh is working out something amazing from these uncertain times!

Maybe you or your spouse has lost a job. Praise the LORD! He is in the process of bringing you somewhere even better than you are! Maybe he has a better job in store for you. Maybe he has a move in your future, to somewhere where he knows you would be better off. Maybe he will use this to show you how much he loves you, and will take care of you, if only you will have faith. Or perhaps he is giving you just the nudge you need to begin thinking about how to live with less, preparing you for harder times ahead. Time will reveal His purpose. Until then, I encourage you to thank him for what he is doing, and completely give it to the Father.

Maybe you are going through other difficult times. Ask the Lord to provide, to bring peace, to heal, and then step back and allow him to work. Do not fear. Do not stress. If you truly believe that he takes care of his children, then you have no reason to worry about a thing!

Even in the little nuisances of life, such as traffic and rude people, try to see the good. Anytime I get stuck behind a slow driver (or a tractor going 10 mph!), and I am running late and on the verge of freaking out, I remember that all things work together for my good. I realize that maybe the Lord is slowing me down in order that I might avoid an accident. With that sobering possibility in mind, my attitude is always instantly changed and I am thankful for such a minor interference to my plans, and my fleshly desires are brought back into an eternal perspective.

And as I am trying to find the “good” in what the world would see as “bad”, I share my thoughts aloud, and thank the Lord for what He is doing so that my children may hear.

It is particularly important that us as parents do our best to practice a cheerful attitude for the sake of our children. They are always watching. They are always listening. Especially when you think they aren’t! We can choose to pout and get angry when things aren’t going our way, or we can grasp the opportunity to teach a thankful heart, and let our children see us praising Him even in hard times. What a great way to show our children what faith is all about!

The next time life gets you down, and things aren’t going your way, try to look at the situation from the eyes of Adonai. Think of the good that could come from this trial, and then thank Him for working in your life. Replace your anxieties with the peace that comes with knowing that He is in control. And be blessed!

If you don’t know the peace I am talking about, if you don’t know the Father, there will come a time when every knee will bow to Him, including yours. You would be wise to turn your heart and your mind toward YHVH, and receive His blessings and inheritance, while you still have a choice. That time draws nigh.

8 thoughts on “Finding The Good In Everything!”

  1. Thank you for this post.. It reminded me that the lord has blessings in store. When faced with a possible job lose. Bless you and your lovely family.

  2. Thank you for the reminder Kendra…I often think of the verse Jill referred and it brings me great comfort. Sometimes it’s so very hard to keep remembering that it is all for the glory of God. Especially when we are so close to whatever the situation may be and it seems so hopeless at times. Thanks for the reminder to ‘keep your chin up’. I will definetly be adding this verse to my repertoire. Desperately needed at the moment!

  3. God has been working on my heart with this verse for the past month. You are right on! Our life has been like a rollercoaster this summer…getting ready for a deployment for my husband, then it getting called off (after I had quit my job in preparation of my husband being gone)…homesteading ups and downs and the busyness of summer gardening…financial struggles…car problems…preparing to adopt a child and having it fall through…my son almost turning 2 and acting like it already :)…the list goes on and on. But through it all, God has given me peace like I haven’t experienced in a very long time. This Scripture, one that I memorized as a teenager, has been central to that feeling of peace. How great is our God in the timing of things…thanks for posting this!

  4. Kendra, your words are so true but when you’re in the middle of a mental tornado, it’s a human reaction to be unable to see beyond the grief/anger/depression/uncertainty that you’re in.

    People can tell you “it’ll get better” or “this is for a higher purpose” but it’s so often hard to see HOW.

    That’s why whenever it feels like things are spinning out of control and I don’t know where I’m supposed to be or do or think I remember Psalms 46:10 “Be still… and know that I am God”.

    It’s like God’s voice is saying “JUST STOP!! Calm down.” Like I have God’s permission to stop worrying, feeling sad, doubting, whatever – – and just KNOW that He’s there with me. And when God is with you, you can get through anything.

    Thanks for reminding all of us of this!


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