Farm Life: Hanging Out With The Animals

Last weekend was so beautiful! We were teased with a taste of Spring. The kids and I really enjoyed playing outside with the animals. Farm life can be so much fun.

You see what I found these two up to? I believe this is why Mocha likes hanging out with the pig so much… Pork Chop does all the dirty work (knocking the lid off the can) and Mocha gets to enjoy the benefits of her friend’s crazy strength. There was a cinder block on that lid before the pig nonchalantly nudged it off!

animals 019 (Medium)

Mmmmm… corn. Get out of there you boogers!!

animals 022 (Medium)

I’m so glad the pig is friendly! She definitely thinks she’s a goat.

farm life children with goat pig

And that goat. She cracks me up. She’ll climb anything!

farm life

Oh, look! Big Mama decided to stroll on over to get in on the action!

farm life with chicken

We love having these guys around!! Even if they are a mischievous bunch!

3 thoughts on “Farm Life: Hanging Out With The Animals”

  1. Mocha and Pork Chop are cute as can be. Who could love a pink pig? How wonderful that your children have that wonderful experience!

    Many blessings,
    Delinda Lea


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