Farm Boy Mentality

As I was cutting Titus’ hair yesterday, the following funny conversation ensued…

Titus, pointing to his chest: “Mommy, what are these?”

Me: “Pecks.”

Titus: “Oh! Like a chicken pecks!”

Me: “Yep!”

Titus, after thinking for a minute: “Mommy, you have milking pecks!”

Me: Laughing

Titus, continuing the thought: “Yeah, you’re kinda like a cow!”

Me: ” Um. Let’s not go repeating that, okay?!”

Hahaha… you never know what’s gonna come out of this boy’s mouth!

8 thoughts on “Farm Boy Mentality”

  1. My son said the exact same thing! I asked him after that if he thought I was as big as a cow and he said no, you just milk like one! LOL

  2. That’s too cute!
    My oldest, 2 at the time, lifted her shirt and was worried by the “spots” on her chest. I told her it was OK, because they were supposed to be there and that they were her baby boobies. She then informed me, my husband, her little sister, and the dog that we all had baby boobies too. haha
    I just love what kids say.


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