Earlier this week, a friend and brilliant photographer used us as a ‘model’ family to promote an upcoming Fall photo shoot event she’ll be doing.

We’ve never done natural photos like these before- you know, not the usual sitting, posing, fake cheesing- so I was super excited when she asked if we’d be interested in a session.

Um. YES!

It was so much fun. The kids actually enjoyed the photo shoot, and she was able to capture the REAL us. Full of life. And laughter.

Titus thought we were camping, since we had a fire going and all. The entire next day all he talked about was wanting to go ‘camping’ again. And Jada was determined to learn how to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together. But not before she reviewed her fire safety rules to all of us, of course! I had to remind the children, no fires without grown ups, lol!

Elias definitely enjoyed the surroundings!

I think this is my favorite family portrait EVER. Even baby Elias was smiling!

Although, I thought this one of Jerry and I was pretty cute, too.

All of my precious babies.

It’s such a blessing to have these portraits!! I will cherish them always, as I know this moment in our lives will be but a memory all too soon.

Thank you, Sara, for these irreplaceable keepsakes!! I love each and every one.