Elias- The Little Fella’s A-Growin’!

Well, the littlest guy is almost 4 months old now!

And boy, is he a ham!

He LOVES being snuggled close to me in his Maya wrap.

And he’s already developing bad habits!! Honestly, I’m kinda glad he’s sucking his thumb though. He can pacify himself in the middle of the night without my help, so that’s nice.

Elias loves a warm bath with Mama! But he hates his infant tub.

Pushing up! And rolling over.

And his brother and sisters adore him more every day.

Oh, how I could just snuggle him all day every day!! Anybody wanna run my homestead for me? I gotta little guy too cute to put down!

10 thoughts on “Elias- The Little Fella’s A-Growin’!”

  1. Hi Kendra,
    I have wanted to ask if you could please do a post on little Elias?Has it really been four months already?We had plans to make you something….but it still has not gotten finished so I am curious what size he wears now?Is he in 6 months or so?We may just let Carters do the work.:)Nikki

  2. Has it been four months already? Wow! What a cutie pie. My Phoebe hated her infant tub too, but loved baths with me until she could sit up on her own. 🙂

  3. Oh yay! Finally some new pictures! He is SOOO cute. Can I come snuggle him while you run your homestead? 🙂


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