The NEW EcoZoom Versa Stove GIVEAWAY!

New and Improved!

The people at EcoZoom have done it again. But this time, they’ve made the Versa Stove even more compact and durable than ever.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Versa, check out my previous product review to see what I thought after testing it out myself, including the pros and cons of cooking on one.

Since my last writing, the EcoZoom team has been hard at work making their stoves even better. Their new and improved models are smaller, lighter, and even stronger.

Side By Side Comparison: Old vs NEW

NEW EcoZoom Versa Stove
Sleeker Design. Shown on the far right, the new Versa is noticeably smaller than the older model. It was also noticeably lighter when I pulled it out of the box. The old Versa weighed 26 lbs. The new version- 14.25 lbs. Much lighter! And much easier to tote around.

Firmer Handles. The older Versa had handles that raised up at the sides for easier carrying. While I thought they worked perfectly fine, I do like the new handle design better. The sturdier handles hold firm to the side of the stove, and offer silicone grips that stay cool even during cooking.

Versa Stove Top
More Durable Top. While I’d still argue that both models are top-notch, the new Versa is designed with flatter prongs on the top, that are more durable and less likely to get chipped. Like it’s predecessor, the heavy duty cast iron top perfectly cradles flat or round bottom pots and pans.

All in all, I love the changes that have been made to my favorite portable stove. I can’t wait to take the NEW Versa on our Fall camping trip.

If you’re looking to buy one, the Versa as well as several other Zoom stoves is available online at for around $100.

Wanna Chance To Win One?

Of course you do!

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below for the most chances to win. You can also leave a comment here letting me know what you’d do with a Zoom Versa, for one entry.

**Sorry, this giveaway is now closed.**

A big thanks to the people at EcoZoom for providing me with the new Versa to review, as well as one to give away.

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  1. I’m looking to be more sustainable. My Mom, myself and 2 Disability Service Dogs and 2 cats live in a 100 sq. ft. portable trailer (for over 1 year now) we do currently use electric but have no running water (we have little waste water by working with buckets, jugs and our new favorite “Big Berkey” gravity water filtration). We’d like to be more resourceful in the off-grid department but cannot afford many of the prices for off-gridding. These giveaways make off-gridding more affordable to those with limited income, and is good for those newly exparimenting with alternative resources.

  2. Hey everyone,

    Just a short note to say how great this little stove is. I have used it to cook complete meals on and it is great. I am now learning how to make fuel discs from sawdust and water compressed in a 1″ pvc pipe. Easy to do and one afternoon of making the discs will make more fuel than you will need for a long time, plus it is clean and free!!

    This would be a great investment for anybody who lives where they get stuck with no other way of cooking, camping, rv’ing or just want to be prepared.

    p.s. you have to get a cast iron dutch oven…..mmmmm the roasted chicken with veggies….mmmmm

  3. We would use this the next time the power goes out for 2.5 days like last month! How bad is it when three “grown ups” stare at each other and can not figure how to heat up leftovers without a microwave?

  4. We spend our summers camping in the Ochoco Mts, tending fence line and this would come in very handy for making meals..

  5. how wonderful this would be to cook outside in the hot steamy summers and in the winter when power goes out. it looks to be made exceptionally well.

  6. I just found your site and am really excited to explore it. I would use the stove for camping and for emergencies. Thanks!!

  7. Ooo! I’m building up my emergency storage and this would be so perfect! I also am dating a guy who LOVES to camp! It’d be great to heat things up and wake him up with the smell of sizzling bacon! Yay!

  8. Thanks for the chance to win this great stove! Really appreciate your review! I’ve read a lot about these over the last year or two, and had hoped to purchase one till now. I thought I’d seen a comment somewhere that an owner stored their stove in one of those large white buckets w/ a lid…. protected the stove while providing easy transport. With that thought in mind, I’m wondering if the new placement of the handles mightn’t make it too wide…. guess I’ll just have to get one and find out?! 🙂

  9. I would use this for camping and in an emergency situation if needed! Great product! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I would use the stove to cook on in my backyard! I would also take it camping! Thanks for the chance to win one! Blessings from Bama!

  11. Living in the Owens valley….There are so many places that I would take this…..I call it “going out for dinner”. Cooking while overlooking Father Crowley Point in Death Valley for sure….

  12. would be sweet to own this incase of power outages and for everyday use if needed, thanks for the opportunity

  13. I would use for camping, but also for canning and cooking down my maple syrup. This would make me very happy 🙂

  14. I would love this stove for off grid cooking and for power failures due to regular wind storms up here in the Blue Mountains. I have wanted one for a long time. I’m slowly saving for it. I have an Emberlit stove for emergencies but it is very smokey and I know that I need one of these Versa Lite stoves. I love the roundness and the cream colour plus the control over heat for simmering. The stove makes me feel calm just looking at it. I would love to win one!

  15. Our church has formed a small group of families that are preparing for any disastor that may come our way. This stove would give us a little piece of mind in a grid down situation. Thank you for a chance to win.

  16. Oh my! We need one of these so badly! We’re remodeling a new place to move into and will have a ton of porch and yard cook space. This would be such a welcome addition. I’m dreaming of shrimp kebabs…

  17. I want to try it for everyday use. Best to learn how to use it when you don’t NEED it so you know how to use it when you do need it.

  18. So cool – I’d never heard of these before. They look AWESOME for camping though! (I’d love to say we’d go “off grid” someday, but I doubt my husband would ever go for that, so I’ll have to settle for camping :))

  19. We would use this as an alternative to the sun oven on cloudy days. We use the wood stove during cold months, but use outdoor propane stove and sun oven in warmer months. This would be much better than using propane on a regular basis.

  20. i’ve never seen something like this!! so cool!! i’d probably use it in my backyard!!!! some nice burgers sound good right now.

  21. Although I am not off-grid, I try to do things that do not use electricity and cooking is one of them. This stove would come in very handy for that purpose!

  22. This as part of our camp kitchen would put the finishing touch on. We tent camp, have for over forty years. We started with four sons, ended with a total of seven. They now go camping with their kids and we get to take some of the grands with us. Three generations and counting.

  23. I would love to have one to be able to demonstrate for like minded people who would be interested in purchasing one. Blessings!

  24. What an amazing opportunity here to win something so nice and so useful. Many thanks to the vendor Ecozoom for donating this and to new life on a homestead for giving it away. It would make a great addition to my prepping tools and I certainly could use one. I make homemade fire bricks out of shredded newspapers. I believe these would work great in one of them. Here’s to having a lucky day! E

  25. We are selling our home and going into the woods off grid so this will come in VERY handy to cook all of our meals. 🙂
    Great product,

  26. We purchased some property and are planning to build at some point but have a small building there now. We have no electricity so this would be great for when we stay out there.

  27. Would be great for camping and using during the summer when it’s too hot to cook’s a major problem!

  28. Thanks for the chance to win!!! We’d definitely use this for camping and teaching ourselves more off-grid cooking techniques for any emergency situation! And to just be outside and doing more!

  29. I would use the Versa stove to cook outside on hot summer days, use while camping, and to give me peace of mind for the unexpected things that could happen in life.

  30. I would love to have this for emergencies, camping, and just summertime outdoor cooking. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  31. I would LOVE This stove! We are kinda preppers and when we retire wanting to build a semi off the grid home. This stove would be perfect for our WSHTF plan, camping and living off the grid

  32. The biggest reason why I don’t take the kids camping is… we don’t have ANY of the necessary STUFF. This would be a great way to get started!

  33. This thing looks great! I would use it to cook when we are camping, when we are at the pool, in emergencies…all to prepare in case we need to live off grid.

  34. Would love one for camping and cooking outdoors in the summer. We typically cook over an open fire when it gets too hot in the house but it’s not very efficient (although the kids love it!) From what I read the Versa stove would make my life easier and the kids can still do marshmallows over the open fire 🙂

  35. I would LOVE to have one of these to take camping and also to have a back-up cooking method. We live in a hurricane prone area and have an electric stove and oven in our house, so a back-up for when there is no power is essential!

  36. This would be great when our power goes out in the winter. Also be good to use for the men to cook outside on.

  37. I would most definitely use this camping and it would be great for our numerous power outages. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this awesome prize. Good luck everyone.

  38. This would be such a neat little stove to use for cooking outside when the summertime temps make cooking in the kitchen a bit uncomfortable!

  39. I would definitely use it as cooking option for my emergency supplies! I’ve been checking these out but haven’t purchased one. Here’s hoping for a win!

  40. We’ve been looking for something economical and not large. This just might do the trick. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Outdoor cooking in the summer. We rely solely on a woodstove for heat thus we cook on it too to save on other energy bills. The woodstove blasts us out of the house in summer so this would be an alternative to continue saving costs!

  42. We would use this when we did camp outs or cook outs. Also do some canning on it when the weather is hot to not get my kitchen so hot! 🙂

  43. The EcoZoom Versa stove would certainly help us out a lot with the power goes out; instead of having to drive to town to find already-cooked food, I could just pull it out to make a quick meal for our family. It would also be nice to use to cook up a nice pot of soup while we’re making apple cider in the fall. And camping, of course.

  44. This stove would be a great addition to emergency prep supplies, an option for use during power outages, a choice for camping, and something just fun to try.

  45. We will use this when we go camping, for emergency situations, and even for everyday use during the summer when it’s too hot to cook inside.

  46. We’d like to take our older grandchildren camping up on the mountain…this would be great to bring…might it also be used for canning or corn boils?

  47. I would love to use this stove for camping, and for our emergency supply as well. I love your blog, and enjoy learning right along with you!

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