Vitacost + EcoBonus = Great Deals on Natural Products!

After spending entirely too much time scrutinizing all possibilities and trying to find the best possible way to make this deal work to my advantage, I think I’ve found a share-worthy way to get some great all-natural and organic products for a really great price.


First of all, if you guys haven’t heard of EcoBonus yet, and you are already in the habit of buying natural products, such as Seventh Generation, Annie’s Homegrown, Nature’s Gate, etc, then you really do need to check this out. EcoBonus is a free points program that rewards you for your natural product purchases with freebies and coupons from your favorite companies (Thanks to Crystal at Money Saving Mom for the heads up!). Simply upload receipts or bonus codes on the back of participating products, and you’ll earn Eco Points to cash in for high value coupons or free products.

If you’re like I was when I first discovered EcoBonus, you might already have products with codes on them lurking in your cabinets and pantry. A lot of the products require you to upload a picture of your receipt to earn points, but several companies offer a code on the product itself that you can type in to earn points. Annie’s Homegrown, Seventh Generation, and Nature’s Gate are just a few that have codes on the back of qualifying products (so go see if you have any of these right now with EcoBonus codes on them, then upload the codes at EcoBonus to earn rewards!)

One of my favorite deals EcoBonus is offering right now is a FREE Seventh Generation Dish Liquid coupon with 7 points. Most products earn 2 points per code, some even earn 3 (like Seventh Generation diapers, for instance), so it adds up very quickly.

Current Deals:

  • Get a huge coupon book (an $80 value) with high value coupons for tons of organic and all natural products with your first code/receipt upload (while supplies last- I got mine last week, yay!)
  • Upload a picture of your grocery receipt to earn 2 points
  • Answer a short survey to earn 2 points. (Most questions were very noninvasive, except for the “How many children do you have?” and “What are their birthdays?” ones. Make something up if you’d rather not say.)

Again. It’s free. And it’s a way to get freebies and coupons for what you’d buy anyways. It’s a no brainer.


If you aren’t already familiar with Vitacost, they’re an online retailer offering up to 80% off retail prices on your favorite organic and all natural products. Now, as I did a lot of price comparing on this site I did find that some of the items are overpriced, and are in fact NOT cheaper than what I could find locally. For instance, the Annie’s Homegrown products Vitacost has listed (as of this posting) are actually more expensive than Walmart carries them for. However, I did find that many other products were cheaper than or equal to what I could buy elsewhere. The Nature’s Gate shampoo and conditioner are cheaper than what I’ve been paying at our local health food store, and the Hyland’s homeopathic remedies they offer are almost exactly what I would pay for them on Amazon. SO, do some checking before you go all gung ho.

Having said that, here’s why I’m recommending them:


If you sign up through my referral, you’ll earn $10 off your first purchase of $30 or more. In return, I’ll also earn $10 off a $30 purchase for referring you. Just click on the image above to retrieve your coupon!

Here’s how I put EcoBonus and Vitacost together to get a free bottle of Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, as well as a great deal on products I’d already buy anyways!

Since a friend referred me to Vitacost, I had the $10 off $30 to work with. Here’s what I ordered (after price comparing and making sure it really was a good deal):

  • Nature’s Gate Shampoo Pomegranate Sunflower — 18 fl oz  $4.79
  • Nature’s Gate Conditioner Pomegranate Sunflower — 18 fl oz  $4.89
  • Nature’s Gate Natural Toothpaste Gel For Kids Cherry — 5 oz  $3.59
  • Hyland’s Baby Tiny Cold Tablets — 125 Tablets  $5.25
  • Hyland’s Vitamin C Tablets Natural Lemon — 25 mg – 125 Tablets  $6.99
  • Nature’s Way Sambucus Kids Syrup Berry — 8 fl oz  $15.99

After shipping ($5), taxes ($2.46) and my $10 discount, I paid a grand total of $38.95.

The Method To My Madness

There is actually a reason why I bought some of these particular items, not only because I use them, but also because they earn points at EcoBonus! All of these Nature’s Gate products have EcoBonus codes on the back of them, which will earn 2 points each, totaling 6 points. Add these to the 2 points earned for answering the quick survey, or uploading another product code, and I’ve got enough points to redeem for the FREE Seventh Generation liquid detergent!

The other stuff I ordered, the Hyland’s and Sambucus, are things I’d like to have on hand for the upcoming cold and flu season. FYI.

Breaking It All Down

1. Sign up at EcoBonus to earn rewards

2. CLICK HERE to get my referral to Vitacost for a $10 off coupon

3. Shop Vitacost (within 60 days of getting the coupon) and buy products that earn EcoBonus points

4. Cash in your EcoBonus points for a Free bottle of Seventh Generation Dish Liquid or other high value coupons

5. Then tell your friends about this deal so YOU CAN EARN $10 for each referral that signs up under you. By the way, I called Vitacost customer service and asked them if I can use more than one $10 referral bonus on a purchase and they said YES! So, if you sign up three friends who then place orders, you earn $10 for each referral, you can then get $30 worth of products for FREE! And so on. It’s a really great deal for everyone involved.

I’d love to hear what deals you find with EcoBonus and Vitacost!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on EcoBonus! I already have used Vitacost so I do not think I can help with the referral. Sorry!! If you have a Kroger near you, check out their organic section. Ours clearance things ALL THE TIME! I have gotten crackers, sodas (for a treat), cheese, frozen veggies, etc on clearance.

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