Lately, as I’ve been going about my chores, I’ve been finding myself daydreaming of all the things I want to do here on our little homestead. It is so frustrating not to be able to do them all at once. It is especially hard with my husband working a full time job, and a part time job. The poor guy works every single day of the week. He never gets a break. Which means that he hardly has time to do any of the projects around the home that need to be done.

Sometimes I think to myself, If I could just go out and get a job outside of the home, we could save all of my income for a few years, pay off our house, then Jerry wouldn’t have to work himself to death.  But I know that wouldn’t be realistic. It would be many years before our house would be paid off. Not to mention it makes my stomach turn just thinking of sending my kids to public school! I am so disgusted with what I am seeing going on in our schools today. And if I sent Jada to public school, she would just be starting Kindergarten! She’s doing 2nd grade stuff right now… she’d be bored to death!! Plus, I would be seriously depressed if I had to send my kids off for someone else to indoctrinate all day long. No, that would never work.

So, it is what it is. I just have to keep trying to find creative ways to save my family money and do the best we can with what we have.

Anyways, back to what I really meant to talk about…

I’ve been thinking more about raising our own meat. We have the goats for milk, but once we start breeding them, I think I’d like to raise them for meat as well. I was reading that Chevon (or goat’s meat) is the most popular meat being consumed in the rest of the world. Why Americans don’t eat much Chevon, I don’t know. But supposedly it’s as good for you as Chicken.

I’d also like to increase our chicken flock and not only use them for eggs, but also meat. I’d like to get meat rabbits as well. No, I’ve never eaten rabbit, but everyone tells me it tastes very much like chicken. I’m sure I could get used to it. I’m still working on trying to find a good venison recipe. I’m still not fond of deer meat yet.

I’d love to get a couple of turkeys. We often buy ground turkey to replace ground beef in recipes. And, though we don’t eat any fish, I know it’s good for you and I’d like to start trying it, especially to get the kids used to eating fish. Through the woods beside our house, and down the hill are two large ponds which separate our land from my dad’s. I would love to raise some fish in there for us to catch and eat. I’ll have to look into what kinds can be raised in a pond.

Can we even fit all of these animals on our little one acre of land? I don’t know. But I can dream, can’t I? Honestly, I look around and I do think we have the ability to do all of these things here, eventually. And since my dad has 33 other acres beside us, I’m sure we could let the goats graze in some of the trees on his part of the land. So, I have high hopes.

I’m also confident that we will get our garden producing well. I want to grow all of the vegetables that we will need for the year. Corn, green beans, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, peas, broccoli, onions, squash, and peppers.

Of course we’ll have to have fruit as well. Watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, peaches, maybe plant some fig trees. I did find a persimmons tree on the land. I missed the fruit on it this year, but I’m glad to know it’s there. Plus, we have the walnut tree here too.

We also have plans to build a green house. We have tons of old windows that we took out of our home during the remodel. We could also build cold frames out of them too. If I could just figure out a way to grow bananas and artichokes here, we’d be set!!

I dream of having an herb garden as well. Full of cooking herbs and medicinal herbs. I can just imagine the smell of beautiful herbs drying in my home. And cabinets full of everything I need.

I want a pantry full of my own home canned produce. Spaghetti sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing… everything made here, from scratch.

Having a mill to grind my own wheat berries into fresh flour to make homemade bread.

Making my own toiletries; deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, soap. Homemade cleaning products.

Homemade baby food. Cloth diapers drying on the clothesline. Handmade dresses hanging in the closet. Patchwork quilts and crocheted blankets.

A Water-stove to heat our home and our water. A hand pump on the well, just in case we lose power. A white picket fence around the yard, and beautiful flowers surrounding our home.

Yes, we are already doing some of these things, but it will be so wonderful when everything is as I dream. But for now, I’ve just got to keep going, one step at a time, until we reach our goal. I think it’s good for me to write down my aspirations, so I can re-read my goals as time goes along, and remind myself of what we are working towards. Sustainable living. Independence. True Freedom.

I dream of continuing this blog and one day sharing how I have been able to do all of the above things with you, my readers, so that you can be inspired and hopeful of your own self sufficiency one day. Or at least entertained by my fumbling along the way! Whether you know it or not, you keep me accountable. So thank you for your support as we continue on this journey in our young lives!