DIY Natural Leather Cleaner

cleaning leather with DIY leather cleaner

DIY natural leather cleaner conditions and protects your boots, sofas, tack, and other goods for a fraction of the cost of commercially produced products designed for the same purpose. If you can find 100% pure mink oil, which is not necessarily easy anymore – especially if you want a product made in the the USA, … Read more

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Safely [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

chainsaw next to sharpening tools

Chopping wood with a dull chainsaw does not only make the task far slower and more dangerous, it can also ruin one of your most essential homesteading tools. If your chainsaw is “bucking” during the wood cutting process, it is overdue for a sharpening. Sharpening a chainsaw yourself can save you hundreds to a few … Read more

12 Easy DIY Liquid Hand Soap Recipes

DIY liquid hand soap

DIY liquid hand soap is not only super easy to make, it will save you a lot of money without subjecting your body to harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals found in most commercial liquid soaps. Learning how to inexpensively make your own DIY liquid hand soap, laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (all of … Read more

How To Make Smudge Sticks (And How To Use Them)

sage, a feather, and a plate

Have you ever walked into a room, a business, or gone someplace and suddenly felt negative energy surrounding you? Chances are you have and you didn’t feel comfortable there so you left or relocated yourself to an area that felt more comfortable. This is negative energy. It drags you down and you can really feel … Read more

How to Build A Massive Wood Playhouse For Less Than $350

DIY playhouse partially done

If you possess at least moderate construction skills and have some “junk” lying around you homestead, you too can build an enormous wood playhouse really cheaply. I could no longer stand all of the grandkiddos’ toys and ride-on vehicles cluttering around the shelter house. The cost of cheaply-made plastic playhouses that barely leave children room … Read more

How To Make A Free Play Area On The Homestead

homestead play area logo

How do you make a free playground area on your homestead? Well, go shopping in your husband’s junk piles, garage, and sheds…of course. Keeping your eye out for so-called junk on the side of the road is also a great idea. Sadly, far too many folks throw away outdoor recreational items simply because they are … Read more

24 DIY Solar Projects to Try on Weekends

a couple of solar panels

Solar power is of great benefit on a homestead – while it’s just plain better for the environment, it also saves a good bit of money and every homesteader wants to have a little more padding in their monthly budget. Some states will even pay you for the clean energy you produce, creating a passive … Read more

Building a Pond on the Homestead

how to build a pond featured

People build ponds for many reasons. Some build them to store water while others to keep fish. For many, they are built simply for the beauty that they can add to a homestead. Whatever your motivation is, building a pond on your homestead can be challenging, and will cost you some money. Yet it’s a … Read more

15 Cheap DIY Compost Bins for Homesteaders

a 3-bin composter made of scrap wood and wire mesh on the winter homestead

If you’re a homesteader or aspire to be one, sooner or later you’re going to make a compost bin. Turning yard waste, kitchen scraps, and manure into rich fertile compost is just plain common sense, right? If you’ve always wanted to have a compost bin, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry; this article … Read more

Gifts Homesteaders Can Make for Christmas

gifts homesteaders make featured

There is now officially less than a week to go before Christmas day, but it is still not too late to save money and warm hearts with homemade gifts straight from your prepper retreat, survival compound, or homestead. The gifts will cost you nothing or next to nothing, but look like a million bucks! If … Read more

How to Make Candles At Home Safely

how to make candles cover

Candles have lit the world for centuries. Even today, without candles, a storm, blackout or any other unexpected interruption of power will leave us in the dark. Flashlights and electric lanterns are great, but batteries are expensive and degrade over time. In some parts of the world, candles are still used as the primary source … Read more