How To Make a Fairy Dollhouse

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of a new New Life on the Homestead series. This ongoing column is going to be solely devoted to the making of homemade toys and upcycled DIY toys, for the little loved ones in your life. Is there a difference between homemade toys and DIY toys? Oh, … Read more

Building a Pond on the Homestead

how to build a pond featured

People build ponds for many reasons. Some build them to store water while others to keep fish. For many, they are built simply for the beauty that they can add to a homestead. Whatever your motivation is, building a pond on your homestead can be challenging, and will cost you some money. Yet it’s a … Read more

15 Cheap DIY Compost Bins for Homesteaders

a 3-bin composter made of scrap wood and wire mesh on the winter homestead

If you’re a homesteader or aspire to be one, sooner or later you’re going to make a compost bin. Turning yard waste, kitchen scraps, and manure into rich fertile compost is just plain common sense, right? If you’ve always wanted to have a compost bin, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry; this article … Read more

Gifts Homesteaders Can Make for Christmas

gifts homesteaders make featured

There is now officially less than a week to go before Christmas day, but it is still not too late to save money and warm hearts with homemade gifts straight from your prepper retreat, survival compound, or homestead. The gifts will cost you nothing or next to nothing, but look like a million bucks! If … Read more

How to Make Candles At Home Safely

how to make candles cover

Candles have lit the world for centuries. Even today, without candles, a storm, blackout or any other unexpected interruption of power will leave us in the dark. Flashlights and electric lanterns are great, but batteries are expensive and degrade over time. In some parts of the world, candles are still used as the primary source … Read more