How To Make a Fairy Dollhouse

May 16, 2018 Tara Dodrill 2

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of a new New Life on the Homestead series. This ongoing column is going to be solely devoted to the making of homemade toys and upcycled DIY […]

how to build a pond featured

Building a Pond on the Homestead

March 21, 2018 Joseph 0

People build ponds for many reasons. Some build them to store water while others to keep fish. For many, they are built simply for the beauty that they can add to a homestead. Whatever your […]

how to make candles cover

How to Make Candles At Home Safely

December 18, 2017 Joseph 1

Candles have lit the world for centuries. Even today, without candles, a storm, blackout or any other unexpected interruption of power will leave us in the dark. Flashlights and electric lanterns are great, but batteries […]