Delicious Giveaway (Announcing The Winner)

Congratulations, Deborah R! You are the winner! I hope you enjoy these seeds. And a big thanks to everyone who participated!

So, I thought it would be fun to host a giveaway, now that I’ve settled into my new blog! A simple gesture to show my appreciation for all of my devoted readers, (wish I had one for each of you)! Keeping with the theme of things, I’ve decided to give one lucky winner…

*2 packs of Heirloom Tomato Seeds from Heirloom Acres*

Each pack contains 50 heirloom seeds. Seeds up for grabs are:

Cherokee Purple and Black of Tulaboth of which have been consistently rated as some of the very best tasting tomatoes in the world.

So, wanna win??

Leave a comment below telling me either: which of my posts is your favorite, and why; or tell me something that you would be really interested in me blogging about.

Wanna earn a bonus entry??

Subscribe to my blog, and earn yourself another chance at winning the prize! (let me know if you already do subscribe, so I can count your bonus)

My only rules are that you must have a US address, and only one comment and one subscription per household.

On 3/27 I will chose a winner using, and will notify the lucky somebody via email. I will also announce the winner on my blog.

So, there ya go! Thanks, and good luck to everyone!!

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A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Wife and homeschooling mother of four. Enjoying life, and everything that has to do with self sufficient living.


  1. I’d like to see helpful hints for the wanna-be gardener with the brown thumb. Seriously – I can’t grow radishes. regarding houseplants – I’ve killed an air fern and a snake plant!

  2. I always enjoy reading suggestions for greener (and more frugal) living. Seems like lots of people know lots of stuff I don’t and some of it is so easy – like using gray water.

  3. What a great site. I just planted four large washtubs with store bought seedling tomatoes but am planning more. The heirloom seeds you are offering sound like just what I was wanting — delicious taste is the most important — and being able to save the seeds to plant next year. I am in Arizona and have caliche (natural soil “concrete”) about two inches below the surface. So container gardening is my only option. I miss the wonderful Vermont soil I had on my farm there but love the beautiful desert here. I too was a California girl who, after many adventures and life changes, went to country living and loved it.

  4. I am always a sucker for good food recipes, frugal living tips, and recipes for greener living (cleaners, cosmetics, etc.). Thank you so very much for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  5. I like your 2-Bean Chili post because I love Chili and I am always looking for new recipes.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I like the post in frugal living on becoming a low maintenance woman. There are little things that we can all cut back on and you won’t even notice. Except for the savings!

  7. I really like your posts about preserving food. I just recently became kind of homebound after cancer surgery, and since we no longer have my income, we have decided that going back to gardening, and preserving will help us make ends meet. Great blog!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to win some seeds! We are going into our second year ever of gardening and really looking forward to it!

  9. I loved reading about your trip to the Amish store. We don’t live near any Amish, and it was nice to live vicariously through your post! Thanks!

  10. Great Site! I love the story about when you met Mrs. Addy and were going to try to barter with her. She sounds like quite the woman. I subscribed to your site so I don,t forget to go back and read more when I have time. Great site for help and hints for the home.

  11. since I live in an apartment in a large city , I would like a blog about growing in small containers and in small areas, patio farming

  12. Wow, we are growing Russian black cherry tomatoes this year among other heirlooms, but these really look interesting. I will definitely visit and bookmark their site. From Illinois “Land of Lincoln and great Tomatoes”!

  13. I’d like to see you blog about all the wonderful side dishes you can make with homegrown veggies. I also like the Lessons from Butterberry Farm.

  14. I would love to see tips for small gardens and watering. I am a new gardener and watering is tricky and there are so many methods its confusing.

  15. Love Heirloom Tomatoes…very expensive at our farmer’s market, but it’s my little luxury. I plan to plant a garden this year too!

  16. I like your section on Frugal Living, in particular your concerns and plans for another depression. Good things to think about in these uncertain times.

    I’d like to try the heirloom tomatoes. My mom has complained for years that tomatoes have “lost their flavor.” She’s a better gardener than me, so I would share these seeds with hers in hopes that one of us would have good success!

  17. All of your gardening posts are great.
    My dad is retiring and wants to start a garden, and I plan
    on helping him. So I will definantely coming here for some tips.

  18. I love the Lessons from Butterberry Farm. These posts are so inspiring, they make me wish that I lived in the country. I look forward to many more posts in this series. I would love to hear more tips and recipes from Mrs. Addy.

  19. I’m so glad I found your new site. I’d been to Handprints on the Wall and even bookmarked it, but it had taken some time for me to get back to it and I found you’d moved. Homesteading and being self-sufficient is much more interesting to me than coupon clipping (although I do plenty of that too!) so I will subscribe and keep up with you on your journey. Good luck–city girl to country life can be a hard adjustment…

  20. My favourite post is “Lessons From Butterberry Farm: A few Herbal Remedies, and more”. I would LOVE to know what Addyยดs book is she was using! I am just starting out into the world of “self-sufficient living” and am a huge fan of natural toiletries as well as herbal-natural remedies. Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your wealth of knowledge as you learn and grow yourself. May the Lord bless you and your family.

  21. I liked your post on Hybrid/Heirloom Tomatoes best. The explanation of the difference was very understandable and brief, just what I needed. This is my second year of planting heirloom tomatoes in my backyard. Last year was a failure but I am trying again. I love, love heirloom tomatoes and can’t wait for them to be ready.

  22. I would love container gardening and recipes blogs. I am a canner and have honestly never heard of your tomatoes..would LOVE to try them. Hope they will grow in our part of the country. Good zluck with your homestead. I am a subscriber.

  23. I would love to see you blog about gardening for those of us with tiny little yards in the city.

    I just subscribed to your blog today so I guess that qualifies for a bonus entry?

  24. Would love to see some info on container gardening, especially herbs and vegetables. I know some people have alot of space for gardening, but not all of us do!

  25. Your butterberry farm posts and any info on living from the land are good. Been wanting to try this heirloom tomato deal. -Jim

  26. I am interested in learning more about gardening as I am a first time gardener also and can use all the info I can get. I have enjoyed reading the few you have up now and would like to continue reading more.

  27. I love the Butterberry Farm series as well. I was intrigued by your goat post today and am looking forward to hearing more about that. I heard goats are easier to deal with than cows for milking, but I was hesitant about the taste of the milk. Let us know! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Ooo heirloom tomato seeds. I am in love. Even though I have 15 tomato plants up and growing just waiting for the last frost date.

    I would love to see you post about edible landscaping plants. I have a duplex with some larger shared flower beds out front, so ideally they wouldn’t stick out too much from the hostas and lilies.

  29. I got hooked on your blog with the Butterbury Farms post and am finding your quest to be self-sufficient both entertaining and educational. Continuing your posts towards a spiritually centered, simpler life will keep me coming back. (And I can not wait to see how your garden works out this year!)

  30. Would love the seeds….liked your article on the paper pots to start seeds, that is something I hadn’t thought about. Thanks

  31. I loved reading about trips to the amish store. I use to go with my mom to the amish community and buy cucumbers and squash. Nice prize.

  32. I would love a blog about growing herbs and all kinds of vegetables. Now that the White House is planting a vegetable garden, I hope more households will start to grow their own veggies and herbs.

  33. Lol, I can’t enter because I am in Canada ๐Ÿ™ but oh well, I love your blog and your interesting stories and frugal advice, I would like to see more articles involving you getting ready for the new baby and how to cut costs preparing for the arrival, as I have my first on the way ๐Ÿ™‚ I found this link to a frugal tip page that gives a lot of useful info if you are interested

  34. The post about your husband catching and skinning a rabbit brought back precious memories of my day doing the same thing for us years ago.

  35. First, thank you so much Kendra for being willing to share of the ‘wealth’ you are gleaning from others.
    Then, the joy of reading your blog is a daily boost in my spiritual arm as I seek to walk in ways that are glorifying to our Creator while being a wise steward of all that He daily blesses my family with.
    I was just reading earlier today about upside down tomato gardening and due to a ‘produce wash’ search, found your delightful website.
    My grandmother made so much herself, even after long ago moving to the city. My mother, not so much as times were changing. I miss them, their sage advice, and wisdom, so much.
    Thanks for ‘redirecting’ me as I trek into Home Schooling this fall with our preschooler and seek to stay within a tighter budget in the process. Your sight is entertaining and educational!

  36. I would love to see a blog on either square foot gardening or container gardening. I’m trying container gardening this year and while I know it is very different, I don’t know [i]how[/i] it is different.

  37. I like the post on seeds heirloom vs hybrid. I am always on the look out for new veggies to try in my container garden. I like to try new ones every year along with my favorites.

  38. Please enter me into this contest.
    My Favorite Post is actually a series of Post on the Butterberry Farm series. I love how you talked recently on How Mrs.Adeline and Her Family Save Money and how that is made such a good impact for the better on you and your family.
    God Bless,
    Mrs.Garcia([email protected])
    by the way I subscribe to your email newsletter.

  39. This is a great contest we grow a garden and put up most of the vegetables we eat. We have been wanting to plant some heirloon tomatos but have not found the seeds. This is a real great contest.

  40. Wow- I hate to sound like a copycat (post above) but the post on homemade laundry soap was my favorite,too. I had been looking for an easy version and these fit the bill. Thanks.

  41. I like your post on Farm Fresh Eggs vs. Store Bought. I buy my eggs from a girl I work with who lives on an urban farm and they are delicious. Plus at only $3/ dozen they are a steal! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  42. Hello. I like the recipes for the homemade laundry soap – I’ve wanted to try this for a long time and I made the liquid version – works very well

  43. I would like to see you blog about garden placement and spacing. Sometimes things get so crammed together or over grown into each other it gets to hectic

  44. Of course the Butterberry Farm series! But I’ve enjoyed reading about gardening, homeade products, and anything kitchen/food related. I just all around really enjoy your blog!

  45. I would really like to see you do a article on raising chickens, as my husband and I are about to take this project on for the very first time. I like you was raised a city girl, so I’m quite inexperienced, but eager to live sustainably. Blessings to you and your family, Alexis

  46. I like the Frugal living section and would love to see more information on going green and being frugal at the same time. Thanks!

  47. I live in Germany (although I also have a US address), and love the Butterberry Farm series. You always share such practical gardening/ growing things in them – and they are so very inspiring! We’re hoping to buy land in the next 2 yrs. and build a house, and I’m really praying for a big piece of land for my babies and for a new gardening experience! I like your perspective on the Butterberry Farm lessons because you’re a beginner too and spell everything out for other beginners!
    I just subscribed – hadn’t even noticed that I could do that although I check your blog about every day. =) My family (and I used to) go to your sister’s church (we were in college at the same time/ same place) – and I linked over from “Handprints on the Wall”.

  48. I would love to see some info on your best or favorite barters.
    I recently traded a handmade stepping stone for a gorgeous birthday cake. Also, 3 bottles of liquid creamer bought for $1.50 to my co-worker for a week’s worth of hot gourmet coffee.

  49. Well, this is the first that I have even seen you blog, so I am interested in checking it out. Then I might know what I would like you to blog about. It all sounds interesting though and the giveaway is wonderful!!!

  50. I’m always interested in anything that helps me save money while protecting the environment. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  51. Lessons from Butterberry Farm are my favorite – I linked to you from someone else that said it was a great series – and she was right. I do subscribe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. I’d like to see a blog about trees. Which ones are the fastest growing. We have a big yard and very few trees. We can’t afford to buy large trees.

  53. I would also like to learn more about container gardening. Unfortunately the only sun we get is on our deck and I would really like to learn how to grow not only herbs, but vegetables as well. The more I can provide for my family, the better. Thanks!

  54. Hi there! I just love the Butterberry Farm series. What a wealth of knowledge you have shared! I get a little giddy when I see there’s a new post. I also really appreciate you showing your home to us as well as your beautiful clothesline, which just tickles me pink. I guess I don’t get out much. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  55. I am addicted to the Butterfarm series. I cannot get enough of the life she leads! I am gonna subscribe to the blog right now!

  56. Fun giveaway. I love the Addy posts, but I like just about everything. It’s fun to read about your homesteading experiments, and I enjoyed your story about making purchasing choices based on your net outlay of cash (the water stove story)

  57. I would love to see more recipes and more about gardening. I am also a California (LA) girl now living in the country so I love your blog. I can relate to it!

  58. Hi, I was looking around on your site for information on growing strawberries. Is there a way to keep strawberry plants from being overtaken by weeds?

  59. tips on container gardening. (Last year, the deer kept jumping the fence and coming up to the porch to eat the tomatoes.) Tomatoes and peppers are the only thing I’ve been able to get from container gardening.

  60. Hi – I’d like to see more info on preserving food. I’ve been freezing things but I’d really like to get into canning.

  61. When I was growing up a backyard garden for veggies (flowers were reserved for beds in an around the house) were pretty standard. I remember war gardens very well and my Dad had a community plot near our house. Not only did we grow the food we canned a lot of it and what today are called Heirloom seeds were what we used. Seeds from what we produced were saved and used the following year. Some of my best times as a girl were with my family at the community plot playing with the other kids while family worked our little farm although we didn’t get away scot free and weeding was our chore which of course we hated but did it. My favorite was my lillies of the valley. I had talked my Dad into buying me a couple of bedding lily of the valley plants and I planted them in a strip alongside the driveway. In a couple of years I had so many they had to be thinned and the whole neighborhood got lily of the valley plants.

  62. I am planning to build some raised vegetable gardening beds and these seeds would be great to use as key elements for the garden.

  63. I really enjoyed reading your blog entry entitled “Trip To The Amish Store”. I know so little about the Amish except they live simply and they look out for one another.

    It was neat to learn a bit more about their culture and your shopping experience at the stores you visited.

  64. I like the story on how to make goat milk soap, I’ve been wanting to learn how to make soap and this inspires me. Thanks!

  65. So far, the blog that has caught my interest was the remodel on you new house. I live in a home similar to yours with the layout almost the same and it gave me some great ideas on how to spruce things up and make it look nicer. thanks for all of your tips and tricks and the time that goes into your blog. it is a wonderful site!


  66. The Butterberry Farm series is my favorite. I would like to know more about some of the medicinal uses of herbs, essential oils, etc.

  67. I LOVE the Butterberry farm series. I’m calling it a series because I look forward to every new “episode”. I live in the city but am trying to do my part in the environment and using more homemade things and food for my families health.

  68. I would love to see articles on saving money on groceries when you do not have ready access to newspaper coupons nor a variety of stores to shop at. Ideas?

  69. I’d have to say my favorite post of yours was the one where you detailed your husband catching/skinning/etc. a rabbit. Although you have TONS of other very informative posts that I love, this one was my favorite because I was able to share a good laugh with my husband while reading it. Normally I just take the info you give and digest it myself. That post was a family affair!

    I already subscribe to your blog through bloglines.

  70. I loved your posts about the Butterberry Farm. I am living in a small suburb outside of a major metropolis area and want to learn to live more independently on my little plot of land. I have learned so much from the lessons that you have learned – please keep them coming!

    Also, I subscribe to your blog and thoroughly enjoy receiving updates!

    Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway! I am hoping to plant some tomatoes this spring in my first garden!

    — Vanessa

  71. Great info on the Frugal living section. I need more ideas like this. Permanent instead of disposables. The family cloth will take a while to get used to…..maybe never, but I appreciate the idea. More ideas that have not been listed all over the place is what I like the best.

    Thank you. Will bookmark this site.

  72. I would like to see a blog exploring container gardening for very small areas (what plants and flowers work best)… I have a tiny tiny yard but a faily nice size deck which I would like to utilize for container gardening, also… I am uncertain as to what to plant that can hold up and produce well with direct sunlight (no shade around here). Thanks!!

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