DAYS 18-20 of the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge have passed, and my cupboards are looking more bare than ever!

I’m feeling good about seeing all of the stuff in my kitchen cabinets slowly disappearing. They were full of foods that have been in there for a very long time, and really needed to be eaten or thrown away.

I’m looking forward to restocking with freshly purchased goods. And with fresh eyes as to what we actually eat and what we should avoid buying.

I had about a cup of organic chia seeds left in a bag I’d purchased earlier in the year, so I blended them up with some milk and homemade maple syrup and stuck them in the fridge to eat for breakfast on the morning of day 18.

Chia seeds are supposed to be really good for you. The kids ate the pudding, but it wasn’t their favorite. Except for little Elias who gobble down two bowls.

There was still chia seed pudding leftover from breakfast, so I used it the next day in our smoothies.

Chia seed pudding smoothies? Is that a thing?!

Oh yes my friends.

With the pudding I blended in the last of our frozen strawberries and one frozen banana, adding a little milk to help it blend better. The smoothies turned out delicious, and we were able to use up every bit of the leftover chia pudding. Awesome.

cherry coffee cake

For breakfast on day 19 I used my very last jar of home canned cherry pie filling to make Cherry Swirl Coffee Cake. I had just enough powdered sugar squirreled away to pull off a light drizzling of glaze over top. It turned out super good.

I ran completely out of butter today, and was forced to crack open a can of Thrive butter powder. To mix it up you just add a little bit of water and blend to the consistency you want. I added a few drops of olive oil for a little more flavor.

It turned out surprisingly good! Creamy, like a spreadable butter. The flavor was nice. I tossed pasta in it, and spread some on toasted bread. You can also bake with it. I definitely need to get more. The only downside is that it has a 5 year shelf life so it would need to be used every few years and replaced with a new can.

This challenge has got me wondering how long we could go without buying toiletries. Do I have enough toiletries to last for a month? A few months? A year?

I know there are things I need to stock up on. I don’t have any extra toilet paper at all because I planned on using the Family Cloth in a long term event. I should probably have a big pack of tp as backup for short term emergencies, like when we get snowed in for a week in the wintertime. It would make life easier to just have regular toilet paper.

I have the ingredients to make a lot of soap if I need to: Red Crown Lye, coconut oil, olive oil, an inexpensive stick blender, goggles, etc. I could make a shampoo bar that would be good head-to-toe.

I bought a bunch of toothbrushes at the dollar store a while back, but it’s about time to restock our supply.

I wonder though, would it be possible to live indefinitely without buying another hygiene product from the store? If the pioneers did it, why couldn’t we?

I definitely think it would be possible. But there would be a steep learning curve and an adjustment period for sure.

That would be another challenge for another day!


Here’s the breakdown of Days 18-20 challenge meals:

Chia Seed Pudding
Cherry Coffee Cake
Eggs and leftover coffee cake

Almond butter and jelly sandwiches
Chia seed strawberry banana smoothies
Thrive yogurt bites

Tacos- Thrive Taco TVP, lettuce, tomato, Thrive freeze dried cheese
Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Leftover tuna pasta

Venison stew (made from leftovers from last night’s meal)
Homemade challah and butter
Tuna pasta– 2 cans tuna, 1 can tomatoes, onion, garlic, penne pasta, fresh basil, parmesan cheese
Toasted and buttered cheesy bread slices
Lentil soup and bread

Thrive Brownies


What do you think… would you have what it takes to live without buying toiletries for a while?