It’s DAY 8 of the 30-day No Grocery Shopping Challenge… and I have a confession to make.

A dear friend of mine who volunteers at a food pantry offered for me to take all I wanted from boxes of produce and bread that were gonna go bad. They were just going to end up being fed to her chickens, so she encouraged me to get all we could use and to freeze the extra.

I have to say, it felt like a windfall! Having not had very much fresh stuff these past few days, it was so nice to enjoy a tray of fresh fruit and veggies for lunch!

I ended up salvaging a couple of bags of salad mix, a bunch of browning bananas (for bread), a few tomatoes, a jicama, some grapes, a few fresh fruit cups, a pint of blueberries, and tons of bread (to freeze).

I know I stated in the beginning of this challenge that bartering and trading was acceptable, since it would likely occur during a real emergency, but I still feel a little bit like I’ve cheated. I did bring her an heirloom winter squash from our garden just because… so maybe that counts as a trade.

Here’s the breakdown of Day 8’s challenge meals:

Blueberry muffins from frozen blueberries

Fresh mixed fruit and veggies
Bread w/ almond butter

Spaghetti from the freezer
Garlic toast

How are you hanging in there? Think about this… would you have anything to trade for food in an emergency?