It’s the final day of the challenge, and I’m soooo happy it’s coming to an end!

I think the hardest part of this challenge for me was keeping up with posting about it on a consistent basis. Every day I’ve been jotting down notes on what we ate and the struggles I was having, but finding the time to actually sit down and blog about my findings has been difficult. You guys have been so awesome about being patient and following along!

As I’ve reflected today about what we’ve been eating over the past 30 days, I was surprised that we haven’t had rice and beans more often. We’ve actually had a pretty good variety of “regular” meals! After doing this challenge, I’m confident that we would be able to survive for many months off of what remains in our food storage.

I plan on writing a full review of what I’ve learned while eating from our food storage for 30 days so that I can collect all of my thoughts and observations in one place.

I have to say, my friends really helped to make this past month more bearable by blessing us with eggs and fresh produce when there was an abundance. I had one neighbor friend who lives up the road call me more than once offering to give us eggs and lettuce or tomatoes from her garden, knowing that we were doing this challenge. (Thank you, Elizabeth!!) I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated fresh fruits and veggies so much.

I also realized that there are things in our pantry that we probably would never eat unless it came down to serious starvation. Canned carrots and store-bought canned potatoes are two that come to mind immediately. Surprisingly, we don’t eat canned green beans much either. I’ve been purging these items to make room for stuff that we do actually eat on a regular basis.

I’m gonna have to work on making our garden more of a year-round producer if we want to stay in fresh produce. I’ll also have to work on canning more fruits and tomato products next year!

I have to say, it has been REALLY nice not having to go to the grocery store. We were able to put enough money aside to buy a new back door for our home, which has been desperately needed. The old door was the cheapest piece of junk ever and wouldn’t even close all the way unless you slammed it super hard. I’m extremely relieved to finally have a back door that closes all the way and actually locks!

I didn’t do anything fancy for meals today, although I did make a special dessert to celebrate the end of the challenge. We’ve had a can of pureed pumpkin and a frozen pie shell for months just begging to be made into a pie, so the kids and I whipped it up and enjoyed it for dinner tonight.

It was the perfect finale.

For the last day of the challenge I ate…

Homemade granola in Thrive instant milk

Pintos and cornbread

Canned chicken noodle soup

Pumpkin pie!

Whew!! I’m so happy to be done with this challenge, and I can’t wait to hit the grocery store to buy lots of fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, and dairy products… all of the things I’ve been without for so long now!

I’ll follow up soon with a complete review of everything I’ve learned about eating from food storage. I’d love to hear your final thoughts as well as you’ve followed along with us. What has been your biggest take away from the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge?