Astronauts and Jackfruit. DAY 12 of the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge

It’s DAY 12 of the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge… and I’m beginning to wonder if I need to be taking vitamins??

I was talking to my mom about the challenge today and she posed a really good question. “What do the astronauts eat in space to ensure adequate nutrients?”

I thought this was an excellent topic to ponder. What better example could you have of living off of food storage than astronauts stuck in space? How do they survive?

Turns out, NASA has an entire branch devoted to studying and applying nutrition in space- NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory. They do tons of research on how to ensure that the astronauts are getting a balanced diet with all of the right minerals and vitamins to prevent deficiencies.

Astronauts and cosmonauts eat a wide variety of foods from all different cultures, with over 300 food items to choose from (source). I thought this was interesting considering our previous discussion on the importance of variety!

Adequate nutrition is so critical because deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals cause sickness. Throughout history we can see a pattern of malnutrition preceding major disease outbreaks.

This entire discussion between my mom and I had been prompted by recurring headaches and nausea I’ve been experiencing for the past few days. I’ve been feeling like I’m missing something nutritionally.

I buy really high quality multi-vitamins for my kids, which they have with breakfast every day, so I’m not worried that they’re lacking anything. But I rarely take supplements myself. Maybe I need to start.

I think this brings to the forefront an important factor of food storage that is easily overlooked.


Having at least 6 months to a year’s worth of high quality supplements in rotation for your family is an incredibly important aspect of being prepared for long term emergencies. It’s too easy for disease and illness to creep in and overcome when nutrition, proper sanitation, and medical access are limited.

I don’t have that many vitamins in my cupboard, and it’s gonna take some time to accumulate them. But I placed an order today for 7 more bottles of vitamins for my kids. We go through four bottles each month (one per kid) so having six months worth on hand will be a ton. I’d like to make it a goal, nonetheless.

I also started taking my supplements today as well.

All of this talk of space food reminds me of something I tried today that looked (and felt!) completely alien… Green Jackfruit!

Have you heard of it?

It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

Maybe I should have named this challenge: 30-Strange Foods in Kendra’s Cabinet, seeing as how this challenge is forcing me to bring out all the weird things I’ve bought on a whim!

So, Jackfruit supposedly makes a fantastic meat substitute for pulled BBQ sandwiches. Here’s a recipe if you’d like to try it: BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches.

I didn’t have fancy ingredients to make slaw or toppings, so we just went without. I also just used regular BBQ sauce that we already had in the fridge. Fortunately I’d frozen some hamburger buns that I’d scored for free on DAY 8 of the Challenge, which worked perfectly for the meal.

The sandwiches came out interestingly good! Probably not something I’d buy on a regular basis (because a lot of what was in the can had to be cut and discarded), but it was fun to try.


Here’s the breakdown of Day 12’s challenge meals:

Crockpot french toast- french bread from the freezer, instant milk, powdered eggs, cinnamon, sugar, homemade maple flavored syrup

Crackers and Wowbutter
banana slices

Nachos- tortilla chips, colby cheese, green onions

Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches
Homemade french fries


How do you feel about storing supplements with your food storage? Is this something you’ve already planned for?

6 thoughts on “Astronauts and Jackfruit. DAY 12 of the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge”

  1. Hello! I am a new reader. I have really been enjoying your blog posts. My husband and I have just now thought about self-sustained living and are feeling the every growing pressure to provide more for oneself. I have to wonder though, would you mind sharing the vitamins your purchase for your children? I would really like to look into this, as multi-vitamins is not something I readily give to my children (or myself for that matter).

    • Hi Kay! I’m so glad to have you here! Great to hear that you and your husband are thinking more about the importance of becoming more self-sustaining.

      To answer your question, we take doTERRA’s A2Z Chewables. Here’s more info if you’re interested:
      If you think you’d like to give them a try and you don’t already have a doTERRA connection, shoot me an email and I’ll get you hooked up. 🙂

  2. I store ‘multi-vitamins and minerals’ tablets, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 along with my food storage items. So sorry to hear you’re having headaches and nausea! If you’re eating fewer calories than usual that could explain the headaches. The nausea could possibly be due to eating unfamiliar foods. Or the stress of having to keep coming up with new menus your family will be willing to eat this month could be triggering both the headaches and the nausea – as could the stress from caring for an elderly relative with dementia. I know that from personal experience, having been the primary caregiver for four years for my elderly Father (He suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and throat cancer, which required daily stomach tube feedings) prior to his passing at age 91. Hope you can take a little time out to pamper yourself sometimes, and that you feel better soon!

    • I appreciate your thoughtful comments, Zabeth. I think the powdered milk is what was making me feel nauseated. I’m used to cooking with it on a regular basis, but I never drink it straight. I think putting it in my coffee has messed up my stomach. I’ve been feeling fine since buying half and half again. 🙂 Thanks for all your additional tips! I’m sure it’s very helpful for others who are reading this thread.

  3. Maybe look into something like the Survival Tabs, I read they have 15 vitamins and minerals needed for balanced nutrition (though I think they may be meant for actual meal replacement?) and have a 25-year shelf life.

  4. I eat a plant based diet (what most people would call vegan except that I eat honey) and so I take a B-12 supplement daily and other vitamins occasionally when needed, if I’m feeling run down, getting a cold, etc. Vitamins are part of my pantry. Beyond that, I think variety is key and also storing what you actually eat is so important. My food pantry is designed to be a year’s worth of shelf stable foods that I can use in recipes I regularly eat. Yes, I have some longer term items, but if I need to use my food pantry due to loss of income or some natural or man-made disaster, my diet won’t really change all that much. During this challenge, I have discovered a few items that I was short on and didn’t realize so that’s been really helpful.

    I do have some odd items, similar to your jackfruit, that I need to find a way to use. I hadn’t been focusing on them as part of this challenge but now I think I will.


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