Save Money and Conserve Water With Low Flow Faucet Adapters

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As we transition to living off of solar power, we have to think of every small way we can conserve energy. Our panels will only produce so many watts, and then we’re out of power. It’s important that we find any and every way we can reduce the amount of energy we use.

Since we will be replacing our well pump with a hand pump (because the well pump used WAY too much electricity for our solar panels) we’re going to have to change the way we do things a little bit. We’ll be pumping into a 30 gallon pressure tank, which in reality holds probably closer to 15-20 gallons of water. When we run water in the house, it’s coming from the pressure tank. Our running water is limited to however much is in the pressure tank. When it runs out, I’ll have to refill it via the hand pump.

The less running water we use, the less manual pumping we’ll have to do.

In an effort to conserve water (and our strength) we’ve installed low flow faucet adapters on our sinks. They turn the flow from a stream to more of a dispersed shower spray.

I wanted to test whether it really saved water or not, so I put a measuring cup under one faucet with the adapter, and one without the adapter, and measured how much water came out of each in 10 seconds. (These faucets are in side by side sinks in the master bathroom.)

Water Streaming Before Low Flow Adapterlow flow faucet

The faucet without the low flow adapter, shown on the left, yielded 1 1/2 c. water in 10 seconds. The faucet with the adapter, shown on the right, yielded exactly half that amount- 3/4 c.

I was very pleased with these results. Using half as much water from the faucet means half as many trips to the pump. It’ll especially help with the little ones, who have no concept of water conservation. My two year old is bad about sneaking to the bathroom to play in the sink. We’ll really have to watch him once we switch out the well pump.

Installing a low flow adapter to your faucet will save you money on your water bill, or if you have a well with an electric pump- will save money on your power bill.

The ones I bought were: 0.5 GPM Dual-Thread Faucet Aerator. (not an affiliate link) At $3.75 each, they were an inexpensive way to save quite a bit of water.

We’re still working on other ways to save on water. More on that to come.

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  1. When we had a house in the country, we had the shower water going to the outside, we didn’t get as far as doing anything with it, but with your water situation maybe if you used biodegradable soap you could water your plants and garden with it, same could be done with washing machine water. This may be against codes in your town, always good to check first.

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