termites clothesline broken

I went out to the clothesline this morning to find that an overnight shower had come, and the post had snapped under the weight of the wet laundry.

It wouldn’t have taken much. This is the second time we’ve had to replace our clothesline posts due to termite damage. We thought they wouldn’t eat pressure treated lumber, but evidently the little buggers aren’t picky.

We really need to replace our 4×4 posts with metal posts concreted into the ground. Back in the old days I think they used to treat their posts with pitch, or they would smoke the ends of the logs or something to discourage termite damage. (Anyone know how the pioneers handled termites?)

Score 2 for the termites. I’d better go collect my wet, dirty clothes off the ground. It’s gonna be another rainy day.

Looks like I’ll be hanging my clothes indoors for a while! (You can read about how I do that HERE.)