Censoring Hollywood In Our Homes

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Since discovering Redbox, and all of the free rental codes available, my family has been renting movies much more frequently in the past few months than ever before. But, of course, the recurring problem we’ve discovered is that although we keep to PG-13 movies (depending on why it’s rated above PG) for me and my husband, and “G” movies for Jada, we are still shocked and appalled at what is allowed in these lower rated movies, even in some “G”‘s. We’ve been considering only watching PG movies ourselves, just to try to avoid the atrocious language that is allowed once or twice into these movies, not to mention the sexual content, drug references, and other distasteful displays. But, there are some really good movies out there (for adults) that may be rated PG-13 for peril or violence, that really are worth watching. You guys remember The Passion of The Christ… it was rated R, but VERY worth watching!

So, I’ve done some searching around, and reading of many reviews, and I’ve come up with a list of websites that I think do a very nice job of reviewing movies from a moral, Christian perspective. I would suggest taking a look at these reviews before bringing a movie into your home. I would highly suggest that you read at least three different website’s comments before making up your mind, as some are more thorough and critical than others, and you will get a much better idea of what questionable content may be in the movie by reading from several reviews. So, here they are:



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I am increasingly having to screen what “kids” movies my children are watching… just because it’s rated “G” doesn’t mean that it’s harmless. The use of language such as, “Shut up”, “Stupid”, “Idiot” and especially, “I hate you!” are, in my opinion, completely inappropriate for young children and totally unnecessary in any children’s movie. Oh, how atrocious it sounds when repeated from our innocent child’s mouth. And don’t even get me started on the bad attitudes, disrespect for authority, and crudeness that cartoons are filled with nowadays. Unless it’s a Christian video (like Veggie Tales or something), Mommy and Daddy watch it before Jada and Titus do, and decide if it’s appropriate or not, and they have come to respect that.

I hope that you will use these resources when considering an unfamiliar movie, to give yourselves some better discernment before watching and regretting. As my dad always said, “Trash in, trash out.” Once you see it and hear it, it’s in your mind, and it will come back out again. So let’s protect our minds, and especially those of our beautiful children, and use discretion when it comes to letting Hollywood into our homes.

If you know of any other really good Christian movie review website, I’d love to know about it, so please share!

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  1. Here are a few good Christian movies that I love, Facing the Giants and Joshua. Both have absolutely nothing that you wouldn’t let your youngest child watch. Hope you enjoy.

  2. I dont watch a lot of movies, Im wierd, I like to watch movies Ive already seen, mostly older movies and vintage t.v., when my kids were small, I was careful what they could watch, and what surprised me was the cartoons. they are appalling now, but when my kids were watching them back in the 90’s there was alot og controversey out there about there being new age undertones in alot of kids cartoons. I didnt really belive it ( I mean, why? it sounds absurd) but after I looked into some things, it was indeed true. there must be some sinister plan, do you think so ? anyway, there are still old cartoons that are good ones to watch on cable channells. they most certainly dont make good cartoons like they used to!

  3. I didn’t realize how bad movies are until I had children! There are movies I started watching with my son, that I didn’t remember being that bad. But, they were awful! It’s definitely a great idea to use these sites to get an idea of what’s in the movies our kids are going to see.

  4. Treva-

    I agree! Don’t you miss good, quality television like it used to be? Me and my daughter love watching the Andy Griffith show. I miss shows that actually teach good moral values. And back when it was okay for a t.v. family to actually pray and be shown going to church. What has happened to us??

  5. I’ve noticed that older movies that are rated G and PG are more appropriate than newer movies with the same ratings. My DD is only 4 1/2 and while she loves dresses and getting prettied up, she’s not into princess movies. She likes live-action movies and one of her favorites is The Neverending Story. I watched that when I was kid!!! (I will admit not all kids at age 4 would understand that movie or be ready to watch it.)

    Same with t.v. Sitcoms of the 80s and early 90s are so much better than their new millineum counter-parts. My DD loves Full House and she has also watched some Cosby Show. There are even older alternatives. I often forget until we’re watching it that my DD loves the show I Love Lucy. I’m just glad that these shows still run and give me a very acceptable alternative to today’s shows and movies.

  6. My grandchildren’s videos are screened by their parents and they are not allowed to watch many of the children’s programs out there. I’m so thankful my son and his wife are vigilant about this. And thank you for your lists and your willingness to do this.

  7. We bought a TV Guardian box that attaches to our TV. It is about $100 and you can find them online. The box reads the close-captioning ahead of the dialog. If an inappropriate word is coming up, it will mute the TV and write the closed captioning with a more appropriate alternate word in place of the inappropriate one. We never realized how much “bad” stuff we watched until we hooked it up. Now, if we watch a TV without it, we’re shocked by what is allowed.

  8. Thank you so much for those links. My DH will watch ANYTHING, but I can’t stand any of the sex/violence/profanity in many modern films, so these links should prove to be very helpful.

  9. I agree with even the “G” rated movies. And saddened when you have to be careful of those and the “innocent” appearing PG cartoon movies! (sigh) So many of the cartoon movies (such as the Bee Movie) steer towards “adult humor” so that the parents will watch and “laugh” – and thinking that these things will slide over our little one’s heads – which they don’t.

    Thanks for the links! A couple I’ve seen and a couple I haven’t. (grin)

  10. I also look at Decent Films Guide (http://www.decentfilms.com/) which is, sadly, infrequently updated, but gives very incisive ratings, as well as Hollywood Jesus (http://www.hollywoodjesus.com), which primarily covers grown-up films.

    Also, always consider the most basic guide, http://www.imdb.com. For most films there’s a “parents’ guide” in the left-hand navigation that outlines instances of objectionable material. For an example, I’m pasting in the guide for “The Lion King” here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110357/parentalguide

    Happy discerning!

  11. Hi,
    We love good movies and good literature. We have homeschooled for about 20 years and people would ask us for movie/book recommendations. So we started doing movie reviews on our family blog–we only have a few up so far, but hope it will be helpful to other families in selecting some good entertainment options. Our blog is http://www.devinespot.blogspot.com and look under the posts titled “Friday Night Flicks” or the sidebar titled “Movies Worth Watching”.

  12. Thank you for the links! I agree with you on the “stupids”, “idiots” and “shut up”. I can’t stand to hear kids talk like that. Those words are even in some books that my daughter has been bringing home from the school library. It’s crazy what parents are willing to accept now.

  13. oh i agree. and i find it frustrating that i have to screen G rated movies for my kids!

    thanks for the redbox info too!!!

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