Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Yay! My new Lodge 5 qt. dutch oven came in the mail this week. I was so happy to get this one! I got it completely FREEEEE with the Amazon gift cards I bought using my Swagbucks (if you haven’t signed up yet, learn more about Swagbucks here)!! I was blessed with another cast iron dutch oven this past Christmas, but it’s a different kind, good for different things.

dutch oven (Medium)

My new dutch oven has a rounded lid and a flat base. It’s good for cooking over the stovetop or inside the oven. I can’t wait to use it with my wood cook stove!!

dutch oven 001 (Medium)

This is my “camp” dutch oven. It has legs on the bottom, so that you can put it directly over hot coals to heat. The lid is flat with a rim, and useful for holding hot coals on the top to cook more evenly. There is a handle as well. This kind of dutch oven works best outdoors or on a fireplace hearth.

Now I have the best of both worlds!! Yay!!

3 thoughts on “Cast Iron Dutch Ovens”

  1. It’s beautiful! Swagbucks rock. I just cashed in for the first time and got 6 half gallon mason jars on Amazon. I may have to start saving my new swagbucks for a dutch oven like yours. I currently use an enamel coated dutch oven, and I think food cooks better and taste better in cast iron.


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