Canned Chicken

Probably not the canned chicken you expected, huh.

Yeah, you’re seeing that right. Our hen got her leg stuck in a can.

At first I was like, ha ha, let’s take a picture, that’s so funny! But then I realized that she was hurt. Really hurt. Evidently, the chickens had a ball this morning tearing up a garbage bag we’d left out, and scattered the trash all over the yard. This unfortunate little hen just happened to step on a can with a lid which was mostly cut open, but still attached, and her foot slipped right into the can. When she tried to step back out, the lid went up and sliced into her leg, trapping her. Little Titus found her sitting on the can. He was excited that she was allowing him to pet her so he yelled to Jerry, “Look Daddy, I’m petting a chicken!” Right away Jerry realized something was wrong with her. When he picked her up and found that the can was stuck on her leg, he called me in as the medic.

Poor thing! Oh my goodness, seriously you guys, that sharp metal lid had sliced halfway through her leg, and it was lodged. If I’d pulled up or pushed down on the lid it would have just cut into her more. I had to squeeze the can as hard as I could to bend the opening into an oblong shape. Then her leg was able to back out of the jagged edge and she was freed.

As soon as we removed the can, the cut began to drip blood like crazy, and her leg began shaking uncontrollably. Jerry said she might be going into shock. I hurried as I poured some Lavender Oil on the wound (since I’m out of Tea Tree Oil), used a Q-tip to smear vaseline on it, and wrapped it with gauze and tape.

I was surprised that throughout the whole ordeal the chicken remained calm and didn’t make any sound or show any signs of pain. We wondered if chickens even have nerves in their feet. Not knowing if she would be able to walk, or if we should pen her up somewhere until she was healed, we decided to put her down and see how she did. At first, she kept the hurt leg curled up underneath her for a few seconds, but once she set her foot down and tested it out a little, she realized she was fine and ran off into the woods to scratch and peck with the others.


Hopefully she’ll be okay. Hopefully it won’t get infected. We’d hate to lose a laying hen.

7 thoughts on “Canned Chicken”

  1. The possibility of getting cut or caught in a can or on a can lid made us make sure we had one of those safety can openers. It has NO sharp edges for anyone to get cut on. They have them for both electric and manual can openers. It’s worth EVERY PENNY to know that we have removed one more danger for our children and animals.

  2. Praise God that you had the knowledge and the “guts” to save her!!! What a blessing!! Most people would have killed her… : (
    I pray that she returns your act of kindness with a bountiful harvest of fresh farm eggs!!!

  3. God bless your chicken. If His eye is on the sparrow, then we know God’s eyes are on your bird as well. Grace and peace be yours.


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