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When Christmas had past and we sat amidst a pile of new toys, clothes, and household items, we began to notice something a little disturbing… every single thing that we’d received was made in… you guessed it… CHINA. Everything!!

What? You noticed it too?

I don’t know about you, but we were pretty troubled by this. Do Americans make anything anymore? Then we were quickly reminded that this is one of the major problems in this country… everything is outsourced! Our jobs are being shipped oversees because you and I want more things… cheaper.

So, one of our resolutions this year was to begin seeking out American made products, and slowly weeding out all of the “Made In China” junk. Who wants to worry about lead in the kid’s toys anyways?!

If we all begin buying as much American made as we can find, and vehemently boycotting outsourced products (Walmart!!), manufacturers will be forced to bring jobs back to our own people again.

And believe it or not, there are still some American made products out there. You just have to look.

chickory wood products 001 (Medium)

One thing that we’ve recently bought were some toys from a company in Wisconsin which specializes in handcrafted wooden play things. It’s called Chickory Wood Products Inc. For our son Titus’ 3rd birthday we bought him a beautiful wooden airplane, and his grandparents bought him an awesome wooden toy shotgun. When the toys arrived I was so impressed with the beauty and quality of each item! I know these toys will last for a very long time, that they are made from safe materials, and best of all, Ty LOVES them!

I was proud to present these toys to our son. And it felt good to know that my dollars went directly to another hard working American. I’d encourage all of you to begin buying more deliberately. Don’t just impulsively buy the first cheap thing that catches your eye. Think about where that product came from. Think about the third world workers who were paid pennies to make it. Think about all of the jobless Americans who could have used the work. And then rethink your purchase.

If there is something you are looking to buy, whether it’s a toy, or clothing, shoes or a household item, I urge you to do a search for U.S. companies who make that product. The more money that stays in our country, the better off we’ll all be!

Do you have a favorite U.S. company? Or a favorite American made product? I’d love to hear what you are doing to keep our dollars, and jobs here!

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  1. Aw. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but at least we know now. They dont actually advertise “USA made” but I was also under the impression that they were, at first.


  2. Kendra,

    Let me know when you have a look at your toys. I dont want to spread negative things about anyone, but I did double check the web site before I posted that comment. I looked at three different toys’ safety sheets and they all said made in Taiwan or CHina 🙁 SUCH a disapointment. I would love to be wrong about this, so let me know if you find out that yours are made in USA!!

    LOVE your blog. I was introduced by my friend Julie Mueller and I also live in the deep south…Louisiana! Trying to get a little homestead going myself.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Please watch out for Mellissa and Doug. I was SO excited to find them and their wooden toys. But, I have seen products from them that are Made AND Assembled in China, such as one of their little wooden trains (my Mom bought the train from St. Jude and it had a “Made in China” sticker on it) So, I went to their web site to find out more info and I found that you can download safety info for each one of their toys. Their toys are approved as “safe” when it comes to lead content and other harmful chemicals,but they do not specialize in USA made toys. I was very disapointed when I found this out. Thanks for the list of available USA toys! My husband and I are TTC and we want USA toys for our child 🙂

    • Sunny-

      Thank you SO much for letting me know that. I didn’t realize they were not a US based company! I’m extremely disappointed to hear that. I’ll have to check into the toys that I have to make sure that they were in fact made here and not in China, and reconsider my support of their company. I am so glad to hear from others who are also getting back to American made!!

  4. I “third” the comments above about Etsy! I’ve found so many fabulous, affordable gifts there–things that are much more stylish and unique than what you’d find at Pier One and are also made by small, local artisans.

  5. Ditto to Laura’s comment. I’ve found lots of great artisans on Etsy. There is an option to search by location too, so you can support businesses closer to home.

  6. I like Melissa & Doug. They have a lot of stuff you can find at Target, or if you’re lucky, you can find them at places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, etc. for about half of what you normally pay.

    I, too, have stopped shopping at Walmart unless I absolutely cannot find what I need anywhere else, but that is VERY rare.

    I’m new to buying local and making things, but I’m hoping to get to know some farmers that live about 15 or 20 miles from me, and also at our farmer’s market.

    Thanks to the previous commenters and for this post for highlighting more companies that offer American made toys.

  7. We haven’t shopped at Walmart in several years. I can’t even remember how many now but it has been several. We search out and purchase American made products whenever possible. It’s not always easy, but we are doing our best to do our part 🙂

  8. I look at everything now in where it came from…I still have building blocks from when my kids were little (all my kids are in college)..They were all made in America and they aren’t the colored ones..natural…The other day I picked up a can of mushrooms…came from china…Shrimp from Indonesia.. They all stayed at the store…Alot of seafood you pick up in the store is out raised with hormones..I think we all need to buy american…support our farmers to..Have a great weekend…

  9. I have a propensity for shopping from wahm’s and friends. I have a soap lady, another gal I have sew me pads, a seamstress friend who’s going to make me some dresses, a mom who can also do some sewing, a friend who has 30 chickens (eggs!), I know my local nursery/plant folks on a first name basis, and so on. 😀 Takes time to hunt down all the good hookups, but totally worth it.

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