Yay! I finished putting the final touches on the boys’ room today, and couldn’t wait to show you how it turned out!

I’ve been dying to re-decorate this room for MONTHS, but I knew I wanted to paint over the green and so I had to wait until I had some spending money to buy a gallon of paint before I could get started. Thank goodness for birthday money!!

I definitely didn’t want to spend money on anything else though. Remember my Zero Dollar Laundry Room Makeover? Time to put those creative juices into high gear again!

I think the last time I posted pictures of Ty’s room was before baby Elias came along, and it looked something like this…

The Froggy Room. Green and blue, and Ty still in the toddler bed.

Well, once Elias was born, we moved Xia up into the toddler bed so we could use the crib for the new baby, and we put the twin bed that was in Xia’s nursery in Ty’s room to be his new “big boy” bed.

Poor Jerry. I don’t know how many times I’ve had that man move around our furniture.

Anyways, I had to make room for a twin sized bed, a crib, a dresser, and a changing table in what was to be the boys’ room. I think it worked out well.

Here… come on in!

I’ll give you a clock-wise tour around the room.

I loved the idea of a pennant banner draped across the corner of this room. So, I’ve been saving old clothing and receiving blankets, and any other materials of coordinating colors that I could get a hold of to make a banner without having to buy any materials.

This was my first ever sewing project. Well, not counting the pillow I made in home ec. in 7th grade. My mother-in-law (what would I do without her) came over a couple of weeks ago and showed me how to thread my sewing machine, and guided me in practicing using it.

It was so FUN sewing this thing!! Okay, so it isn’t exactly perfect. But hey, it works… and I love it, so that’s all that matters, right?

Next, I needed to accessorize the dresser. I remembered we had two old lanterns out in our building, so I dug them up, washed off an inch of dirt and dust, and stuck them in the room. I was so pleased that the colors worked so well!!

I found a few more little accessories laying around the house and stuck them with the lanterns. It was tricky trying to mix rustic elements with our very traditional furniture, but I think it turned out okay.

Alrighty, moving right along…

I love this photo. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!

I took this picture on our property a month or so ago. And I got it printed on a canvas… for FREE! Actually, you didn’t know it, but you got this print for me. If you signed up for Eversave through my referral link, you helped me earn enough points to get one of these.

So, thank you!

I got the biggest canvas I could, but it was still too small by itself on this enormous wall. It needed to be bigger. And I had the solution.

Armed with two of my husband’s hammers, I got busy prying apart some pallets we had laying around. After brushing off the dirt, I had my husband cut a couple of pieces and hammer it all together. It looked great!

Only one problem.

Every time my husband would hammer in another nail, he heard a faint buzzing noise coming from within one of the boards. Upon a closer look, we saw a hole in the board… evidence of a carpenter bee living inside.

A quick google search for how to remove the bee led me to discover that it could be a female in there with eggs… eggs which would be hatching in approximately three months! The image of carpenter bees swarming the kids’ room was enough for me to kindly instruct my husband to replace that board, asap. Please and thank you.

And here are the beds.

If I had a nice camera like all the cool bloggers, you’d really be able to see how pretty these colors are. It really is bright and cheery, I promise.

Like the stars I made from sticks which I’d gathered in the woods? I just chopped ’em with my handy ax, and nailed ’em together.

And the pennant banner I draped across the window? I kinda messed up on it, but it’s better than nothing! I used a shoestring to sew the flags onto, and since it was stretchy it got a little weirded out. Oh well.

I clipped an aged clothespin to the top of each pennant, to try to continue that rustic feel.

I knew I needed to fill this space, but I had absolutely nothing to hang on the wall over the crib. Luckily for me, a little crafting went a long way!

After pulling out my scrapbooking supplies (and dusting them off), I found a few cute patterned papers I used to fold into these barn stars.  I stuck them to the wall with a straight pin in the top of each star, so it wouldn’t be noticeable.

I pulled together a few clipboards, and printed off the ABCs from my computer, using a neutral shade that would compliment the wall color.

And… the rest of the room. I was finally able to hang those personalized license plates I’ve been holding onto!

So, there you go!! I am so in love with this room. I love the neutral color on the upper part of the wall. Much mellower than the green. And I feel this is a decor that will work as the boys get older, so I shouldn’t have to do much redecorating for a while!

Now… on to Xia’s room!

Ummm… maybe after Thanksgiving 🙂