Book Review: The Edible Front Yard

Put the fruits of your labors front and center! With plentiful sun, open space, and an audience of appreciative passersby, the front yard has all the ingredients for a beautiful and bountiful garden. Let famed blogger and garden designer Ivette Soler show you how to make over all or part of that space — too often simply unused or purely decorative — into a gorgeously designed oasis of fruits and vegetables that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

The Edible Front Yard combines the loveliest and tastiest edibles and ornamentals in a garden that is a year-round feast for the eyes. Soler teaches all the tricks, from laying out the design and choosing the best front yard plants, to clear instruction for a bounty of exciting projects like a fragrant carpet of herbs, a trellis privacy screen using runner beans, and an eye-catching raised bed that turns your “hell strip” into a little patch of paradise. From the curb right up to your front door, the information in these pages includes everything you need to have a beautiful front yard and eat it too!

The wonderful people at Timber Press recently supplied me with a copy of one of their new books, The Edible Front Yard, for review. And I was super excited to get my hands on it, seeing as my pitiful front yard doesn’t at all resemble the Eden I imagine it to be one day!

Forget plain ‘ole grass you have to mow once a week… I wanna be able to walk amongst a jungle of beautiful foliage, nibbling at this and that as I go. I want an edible front yard!

Unfortunately, I have no talent whatsoever for arranging plants. It’s all a bit overwhelming to me. I have no idea what plants will do the best where, and I am completely at a loss when it comes to designing the layout.

And so you can imagine how eager I was to stick my nose in this book and read it from cover to cover! That is, after I flipped through it, drooling over all of the gorgeous full-color photos first.

What an inspiring read!!

I am completely motivated to start working my edibles into my landscaping design. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for as long as we’ve lived here, I just had no clue where to start.

What I loved the most about The Edible Front Yard was that Ivette spends a lot of time highlighting many particular plants, explaining the best way to grow them, how to harvest them, and what you can expect the mature plant to look like. She also gives helpful examples of which plants go well together.

But chapter five was my absolute favorite. I literally squealed with excitement when I came upon the page titled, Edible Front Yard Garden Designs. This was exactly what I needed to get an idea of how to arrange things in my front yard.

This book truly covers everything you need to get started with your own edible landscape. Highly, highly recommend it.

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