Behind The Scenes

I’ve been quiet here for the past few days, though I have SO MUCH to say!

So much is going on in my head, and in my heart. There are so many things I’ve been learning, and discovering, and contemplating. I wish I could sit down and write everything out to you all in one, long post.

But life doesn’t stop. And time is a luxury.

My days have been filled with chores, and doctoring sick kiddos. Four of them. Blah.

And I’ve been hard at work trying to sell stuff that we no longer need, or can do without. I’m feeling like I need to sell everything I can while people are still willing to buy it. Especially now during the holidays. So, I’ve been taking a lot of time working Craigslist and ebay.

And I’ve also been trying to round up some good Hanukkah crafts, recipes, and decorating inspiration. I’m trying to find the balance between making this a special celebration, and not falling into commercial trappings.

I’m sure you’ve all been busy gearing up for the holidays as well. And for the new year.

I’ve been feeling very unsure of where the Lord wants us right now. What exactly does He want Jerry and I to be doing? We are praying, and seeking His will for the coming year. This has been heavy on my heart.

So, forgive me if I’m a little touch and go through the next few weeks! I’ll do my best to post when I can.

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  1. It’s a real eye opener to our spending habits when no one wants to buy our stuff.
    None of it will fill our bellies or anyone else’s, if one was hoping to barter. If I has a use for a large dinner set I’d be able to buy new.Not peruse ebay-just a thought
    consider blessing others by giving away or donate to places that are like a free goodwill.

  2. Glad to hear it Kendra! While you wait for the guidance enjoy the blessings you have as I know you do. Hope the kids are feeling better soon and creating havoc with a tall order of laughter in your home!

  3. my ebay for schoolbooks didn’t get any hits !
    i know what you mean- sooo much to say but how?
    what is your ebay name so i can look you up?

  4. One day at a time and lose the heavy heart. Worry is a wasted effort. Rejoice in the day God has provided, tomorrow will take care of itself.

  5. Hang in there girl – you are seeking guidance from the right place! Seeking the Lord in troubling times is the best thing you could possibly be doing. Stuart and I will keep you and your precious family in our prayers!

  6. Praying for you and your family Kendra! Hope the kids feel better soon and that you guys don’t come down with something next!!!

  7. Praying for your family during this time of spiritual discernment and hoping your kids get well soon. It can be hard sometime to know where He is leading, but I believe that he even honors our attempts at following, even when we’re not sure where we are going. Sometimes it’s not made clear right away. And, regarding your recent comment to me in the previous fb post about the drying racks, yes, it does get SO old when you have to keep washing and rewashing their bedding when they’re sick–especially without the dryer! Hang in there–there are many times when we have to just remind ourselves that “this, too, shall pass.” My two oldest just turned 21 and 19 this past week, and my youngest is 15. It really does feel like just yesterday that they were little like yours. Time flies, especially as they get older. Hang in there! 🙂

  8. I hope you’re having better luck selling on ebay and Craigslist than I am. No nibbles whatsoever on my china service for 24 people and serving trays, teapot, gravy boat, salt and pepper, etc. Also tried selling saxophone music, etc. No takers.

    Then tried taking my jewelry from when I was a teenager to sell for melt value. The only ring with melt value has a diamond in a rose band (lots of 18 carrot gold…beefy setting) and they offered $82. Gold dropped $32 / oz in just one day and has been plummeting, so probably now worth even less. I have not been able to sell ANYTHING of value! Looked on ebay at selling my rings (opal, coral, saphires, diamonds, etc.) and I see 30 plus pages of listings with bids starting at $1, and even then NO BIDS on most of it. If people are counting on their jewelry being items for barter…FORGET IT! Tough times aren’t even here yet and already it’s looking pretty dismal. People are buying at the malls and electronic stores, but I think it’s on CREDIT and not cash for the majority of folks.

    The euro is very unstable this week. Experts have said when the euro crashes, the dollar has about two weeks before tanking. I’m feeling like something big is on the near horizon. Feeling very unsettled. Feelings can lie so I’m just trying to do the next thing I know to do and hurry.

  9. I’m right there with you, sister!!! Take care, take extra Vitamin C & know that lots of love & hugs are coming your way from my way!!!


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