Baby Xia- 6 weeks old

Baby Xia is doing great! She is SO PRECIOUS!! Oh my goodness, I could just love on her all day long! The kids just adore her as well. Every time I sit down to nurse her they crowd around and talk to her and kiss all over her. I am so glad they aren’t jealous or anything.

xia 078 (Medium)

Titus is obsessed with putting the passy in Xia’s mouth, whether she needs it or not! It’s so sweet to see him tending to her, and talking to her. He sure is a proud big brother. He keeps telling me, “Mommy, I tha big brudder!”

xia 061 (Medium)

Jada is a huge helper, and is happy to run and get anything I need when I need something. She can’t wait for Xia to get big and play dress up with her, and share her room. I sure hope that doesn’t change! She tells me they will be best friends.

1 baby girl (Medium)

I just love smooching those chubby cheeks!

She smiled at me yesterday for the first time! Oh, it was so cute!! I keep trying to get her to smile for a picture! I can’t wait to see what she’s gonna look like as she grows.

The other day I was talking to somebody and I said, “I wonder if her eyes will be blue?” Jada, listening in on my conversation as usual, said, “Why don’t you look it up on the internet?” I laughed, how cute is that! I guess I do look everything else up on the internet 🙂 She’s too smart.

Anyways, Xia baby is just an angel. We are all so in love with her!!!

13 thoughts on “Baby Xia- 6 weeks old”

  1. She looks like a little elf! All she needs are the pointy ears, pointy shoes, and green suit. How cute!!! My 8 week baby is jealous of that full head of hair! =)

  2. AWWWW…she is sooo precious. My youngest is 13 months and I’m starting to get the “fever” again 😉 Was it a huge difference 2 to 3 kids?

    • Rebekah,

      Well, going from 2 to 3 kids takes a little getting used to. It’s really not harder, you just notice little things, like grocery shopping! Where to put all of those kids while you stroll the store takes a little coordinating. But a minivan and a double stroller make it an easy transition!


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