What happened to one more week, huh?? I sure am glad I posted that last prego picture while I still had a day or so! I had a feeling this one would come early, and I’d really been feeling the push to get all of my preparations in order, but I had no idea I’d go a whole week early!

As a matter of fact, I’d spent all day Sunday straightening rooms and cooking more meals to freeze for later. Before I went to bed I even went down my supplies checklist one more time to make sure I had everything I needed, and stuck a few last minute things in my to-go bag in case I had to transfer to the hospital. Everything was ready.

At around 3:30am Monday morning, I woke up out of a perfect sleep feeling mild contractions. They weren’t painful, but consistent, and I knew this was it. I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind filled with more things that I wanted to get done while I still could, so I got up and quietly took a nice, long shower.

When I got out, and snuck back into the dark bedroom to get dressed, Jerry rolled over half asleep and asked, “Are you okay?” I smiled to myself and answered, “Uh-huh.” He said, “Oh. Good. You scared me being up so early. I thought you might be in labor.” I was quiet. He suddenly sounded more awake as he asked, ” You aren’t in labor, are you?” I laughed at his realization and answered, “Well, I’m having some contractions. But go back to sleep! I’ll let you know if I need you.”

I made my way into the kitchen and washed up some lingering dishes. I got a load of laundry going, did some work on the computer, hung a load out on the line to dry, made breakfast, got the kids up and fed, folded a few piles of clothes and put them away, painted my toenails, and just tried to busy myself. There was no going back to sleep now!

It was a little after 9am. I was in the bathroom putting on my face, when in the middle of a contraction I felt a “pop”, and an unexpected gush. What was that?! I changed myself, and went to tell Jerry that either I’d just peed in my pants, or my water had broken. I continued what I’d been doing, and Jerry jumped on the phone to let his work know he wouldn’t be coming in.

At 9:39am I started timing the contractions. 10 min. apart. I called the midwife to let her know I thought my water had broken, but wasn’t positive. She laughed and said she hears that a lot. I explained what I’d felt, and that every time I had a contraction it would trickle a little more. She agreed that it sounded like my membranes had ruptured. I told her I was doing fine though, and didn’t feel like I needed her yet.

By 10:00 the contractions were 6 min. apart, but still very tolerable. Jerry called his mom around 11:30 and asked her if she could watch the kids for us. We fed them some lunch before they left. And I gave them all big hugs and told them that when they came back they’d have a little brother or sister! They were so excited!

I called Amy, my midwife, again a little before 1:00 just to update her on things. She said she’d come over to check me out.

We didn’t expect for her to stay, but once she was here and had checked me she found I was 7 cm. dilated. Surprised, she said, “Uh, you’re a 7! I’m not going anywhere!” She hopped on her phone to call her assistant and told her to come quickly.

I was thankful to have progressed that far. The contractions were strong, but somehow easier to handle this time around. I didn’t have to moan or hum, or try to work through them like last time. When a contraction would hit, I’d just pause and breathe silently, focusing on what was happening in my body and thanking the Lord for the baby that was on its way.

Cortney, my other favorite midwife, was at my house very quickly. I was so glad she was able to be there to help!

I stayed standing for as long as I could. It seemed to help keep things going. Eventually, though, I decided it felt better to sit on the potty. That position helped to bring on the urge to push.

The midwives worked quickly to get the bathtub full. I was afraid I might not make it as slowly as that water ran! I was very relieved when the tub was full and I was able to climb into the incredibly relaxing water.

I labored for about another hour in the water. Still not yelling, or making any noise really, just focusing and breathing. Finally that long anticipated urge to really push came. Amy encouraged me to feel the baby’s head in the birth canal when the next contraction came. That was truly amazing, and inspired me knowing I was that close! It took a few good pushes; I tried to go slow though, so as not to tear.

Jerry was in the kitchen fetching more hot water when the baby started to crown. The ladies called for him, “You’d better get in here!” He ran back, and made it in time to catch the baby! At 3:26pm, he was born.

Before I knew it, a slippery baby was placed against my chest. I was done! I can’t even explain the relief, and thankfulness that flooded my entire being.

I heard Jerry ask what the baby was. My hand was holding baby’s bottom, so I felt around and announced, “It’s a boy!” He was covered in white vernix, but a beautiful sight nonetheless.

A healthy, perfect baby boy.

To be continued…