Bentonite Clay: Benefits and Uses

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How to Tan a Cow Hide Using Traditional Methods

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So, you live on a homestead and raise your own meat. That’s great. You get extra self-reliance points if you butcher the meat yourself. But, your journey to a sustainable life, an existence where you always use resources wises and for optimal benefit, will not end before you learn how to tan hides. There are … Read more

How to Raise Pigs – The Ultimate Guide

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Does the smell of frying bacon make your mouth water? Is snacking on a deliciously cooked whole ham after Easter dinner something you look forward to every year? If so, raising pigs should be part of your homesteading plan. Pigs, or hogs as we refer to them in Appalachia – the two labels are completely … Read more

Gifts Homesteaders Can Make for Christmas

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There is now officially less than a week to go before Christmas day, but it is still not too late to save money and warm hearts with homemade gifts straight from your prepper retreat, survival compound, or homestead. The gifts will cost you nothing or next to nothing, but look like a million bucks! If … Read more

Watch Out for These Homesteading Accidents (Plus the Homesteader’s DIY First Aid Kit)

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Note: this is not medical advice. Neither the author nor shall be held liable for any misuse of the advice given in this article. If you get hurt, call 9-1-1 or your doctor. Homesteading life is full of all kinds of joy, hard work – and accidents. Agriculture accidents can be gruesomely deadly. The majority … Read more

61 Uses for Wood Ash on the Homestead

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There are numerous uses for wood ash around the homestead. Throwing away this useful material when cleaning out the wood burner or fireplace is almost inexcusably wasteful. Wood ash is the powdery residue that is left in the wood burner collection tray or beneath the firewood grate after wood is burnt. It has been used … Read more