33 Superfoods You Should Be Growing

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article written by Jackie Greene If you own a garden, you are likely already aware of the myriad health benefits associated with growing your own food. Homegrown vegetables can be grown without pesticides, herbicides, or other dangerous chemicals, giving you complete control over what you put in your body. Even better, homegrown veggies give you … Read more

The Mega-List of Gardening Mistakes

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by Michael Wight and Tara Dodrill Despite the wide availability of gardening advice available via blogs, books, websites, informational articles, and even video collections on YouTube, many people fail to take care of their gardens properly. This is largely because each garden is vastly different, possessing different soil types, microorganisms, weather conditions, and crops. To … Read more

How to Grow Tomatoes Step by Step

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Tomatoes are one of the most popular garden plants, and for good reason. They taste delicious, are healthy, and are a common ingredient in recipes. The rich flavor of ripe tomatoes is simply hard to beat. Growing tomato plants is not hard, but you have to start them at the right time to make sure … Read more

These 70 Gardening and Homesteading Hacks Will Blow You Away

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by Alina and Tara Homesteading can be so rewarding, but also extremely time-consuming, which is why we have put together these 70 gardening and homesteading hacks to make your life so much easier. From homemade fertilizers using kitchen scraps to tips on increasing your harvest, these hacks will no doubt inspire you in so many … Read more