And… This Is Why You’re Supposed To Mulch In The Winter.

Remember these beautiful artichoke plants I just shared with you a couple of days ago?


Now look at ’em…

I know. I’m cringing too.

I looked out my front door yesterday and was horrified to find three out of four of my poor artichokes shriveled and gray.

I gasped, “What the heck happened to my artichokes?!” And my husband recalled that it had gotten down to 19* the night before.

Dang it!!!

I totally should have mulched these plants. I’m the worst procrastinator ever.

I read that one way of protecting artichoke plants from hard freezes is to make an enclosure around them with chicken wire, and fill it in, completely covering the plants with leaves.

Guess I’ll have to do that to my last surviving artichoke. Although… there is still a tad bit of green left on the other three plants. Maybe there’s hope yet!

Lesson learned. Mulch your plants in the winter. Or at least pay attention to the weather, and throw a blanket over them if it’s gonna freeze!

14 thoughts on “And… This Is Why You’re Supposed To Mulch In The Winter.”

  1. I love your honesty! It is so refreshing. I’ve had to learn the hard way on many things I grow. The bright side is that you only do it wrong once. Next year you won’t forget to cover them 🙂

  2. Okay it said that I already said that you crack me up so I put you make me laugh and now there both up there, great, how smart do I look?

  3. I had been wondering why your artichokes were already planted outside (since they can’t handle frost hardly at all)…
    Do you have a garage or something with a window you could dig up and plop the surviving ones into for a few months? Or are your winters super milk back that way?

    • Lanna,

      They’re perennials, so once I planted them last Spring, they were there for good 🙂 It’s just up to me to protect them now, lol! They can handle light frosts, but nothing like 19* Our winter has been extremely mild, I’m hopeful of not too many really freezing days/nights. Plus, yeah, I have nowhere else to put them. Jerry’s working on a greenhouse though… excited about that!!


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