I know this is old news to many of you, but I’m just now discovering how amazing this is, so I’m totally sharing!

I was extremely skeptical the first time we tried it out. Especially on my kids. Mosquitoes just can’t seem to get enough of my little Ty man’s sweaty flesh. It would be a miracle if anything other than some major bug spray would keep him bite free.

But guess what, I’ve finally found my solution!


I’m SO excited about this!! It actually works!!

The first time I tried it, I simply rubbed the fresh leaves all over the kids’ arms and legs before allowing them to play. An hour later, after we went back inside, I inspected them from head to toe. And guess what? No bites!!

I am LOVING not having to spray the kids with who-knows-what anymore! Now when they go outside, they head straight into the garden to rub down with some freshly picked basil leaves before going about their playing.

I just think that’s great. Isn’t God good?!