AeroGarden Review

You may remember, a few months back I was given a brand new AeroGarden. I was so excited! I’d seen the gorgeous plants that have been advertised growing in this amazing counter-top garden, and I couldn’t wait to enjoy it’s bounty.

I set it all up, put the seed pods in the unit, filled it with water, and plugged it all in. The lights began to glow, the water began to trickle, and I smiled… imagining all of the fresh herbs I’d soon be cooking with. I sat back and waited.

Two months later, this is how it looked:

aerogarden (Medium)

Not exactly jump-up-and-down exciting. Unfortunately, the directions were serious when it said not to use well water. Go figure.

I’m not giving up on it though. I’m wondering if I could use it to start my seeds for Spring. I’m thinking… maybe I can put a tray with some soil and seeds on top of the base unit (and not use the pods or the water) and just use it for the grow lights. That would work… right?

You know me. You never know till you try!

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