Turtle Comes To Visit

mocha and turtle

While playing out in the yard the other day, we discovered a cute little visitor lurking around. The kids really enjoyed playing with him, and watching his every move.

Of course I warned the kids to be careful and not get their fingers too close to the turtle’s mouth. I wasn’t sure if it would bite or not.

Jada wanted to keep him forever. I had to convince her that letting him go was the right thing to do. They sure giggled and had fun playing with him for a while though! It’s so cool to see them enjoying true nature.

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  1. Its a box turtle! We had one for years, we named her Tina. They live a long time and make great pets. They probably could bite, but ours never even tried. Our turtle really liked tomatoes and raw ground beef!

  2. It looks like a regular old box turtle to me. They are actually pretty handy to keep in or around a house, they will eat bugs, like ants, which are full swing around here. You can also throw them pieces of raw veggies that are going bad, the same with fruit.

  3. It looks like a regular box turtle to me, Im not much at turtle I.D. though. when I was growing up we had one that lived in our back yard for many years, he was already there when my parents bought their house, and he lived long enough that my children got to see him, so that turtle was there at least 12 or 13 years that I know of. they can live to be old. we called him “sam” and in winter he would burrow in a hole and in spring and summer we’d see him out some more. My mom found him dead one day out in the yard, no apparent reason, maybe he was just old I guess. He probably lives around there, you may be surprised that you have a pet turtle and didnt know it!

  4. It looks like a common box turtle. 🙂 We saw these a lot when I was growing up out in the country. Not sure why they came around so much.

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